Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Cover Reveal!

Hi everyone, hope you’ve all had a great summer. Bad blogger here again, but I’ve got to enjoy the sun while it’s out, right? ;o)

So today I have the cover for A Week in Milan to share with you. It should hopefully be out in December.

Drumroll please… (Yup, still suffering delusions of grandeur).

What do you think? Personally I love it and this is exactly how I picture Gio and Amanda in a certain, erm, raunchy scene. Tara @ Fantasia Frog, aka the creator, did a fabulous job.

Here’s the draft blurb…

Getting what she wants was never going to be easy…

Designer department store owner, Giovanni Monastero, thought moving to LA would help him forget the nightmare of his childhood. When he visits Milan during Fashion Week with one of the store designers, the realization of just how much his past haunts him strikes hard.

Fashion designer Amanda Hart survived being chewed up and spat out by her son’s father.  The only dating she does now is in her dreams. None of her fantasy men can hurt her, but when the star of those fantasies offers her the chance of a lifetime – no, is simply not an option.

With one dream coming true, will she have the courage to pursue the other?

You first meet Amanda in Isle of Sensuality, where you see her looking out for her sister, Caitlyn, for a change. By the way, if you haven’t read Isle of Sensuality, now’s your chance. It’s 99c/77p through September!