Thursday, 22 August 2013

Oh So Greek - Last Days of Summer Hop

Stephanie Beck’s here today talking about everything Greek and giving a sneak peak of her latest release, Home to Hellas! You can also answer Stephanie’s giveaway at the end of the post. Good luck!

Oh so Greek

One of the very best things about writing Home to Hellas was the research portion. is so cool. I want to go there. It is on the to-do list. I have a friend who went there a few years ago and so I picked her brain clean about all things Greek. One of her main memories was the ouzo. I’m not an ouzo kind of girl (not a fan of anise) but I would drink it in Greece.

A glass of ouzo. Yep, I’d totally drink that in Greece.

There are more things that are Greek that might not be my go-to for excitement. My friend mentioned lots of walking. I don’t mind walking really, but she mentioned lots and lots of stairs.

Lots of stairs in Greece—especially in ancient areas. I’d totally bring my walking shoes.

Another thing (I’m such a fussy butt) but I really don’t love beaches—I’m more of a pool girl. Beaches have sand and bugs and neither of those seem to know to stay the heck away from me.

Pretty sure I’d suck it up and go swimming on a Greek beach.

And finally, the food. I’m not adventurous. I never have been—but my mother tried. She introduced me to new things, I just decided I didn’t want to eat them.

I see delicious. Yep, I’d try food in Greece...and would then call my mother and apologize.

Home to Hellas
By Stephanie Beck

Jenn’s love of basketball and travel lead her to Greece, but only one man could keep her coming back. After sharing sexy summers with distinguished businessman Dorian Logos, Jenn returns for a seventh with more emotional baggage than she’d like, but her feelings for Dorian push her out of her comfort zone.

Dorian has loved Jenn for years, the young American delivering spice and sweetness during their weeks together. When she arrives in Hellas, limping from an injury, he quickly sees more than her knee is hurting. He wants his love to be enough to heal all ails, but it’s hard to show his love to a woman who can’t tolerate his touch. If he can help Jenn get well, he might be able to make their usual summer last and bring her home to Hellas forever.

Start your Home to Hellas visit now!

That leaves one question WWYD?

What Would You Drink if you were in Greece with your lover—and would you make him something yummy to go with it?

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