Thursday, 20 June 2013

Meet the stars...

As you know, it’s publication day for us. Thanks for stopping by. Now I’m going to tell you a little about Ric and Alexa. Be sure to comment with your email addy for a chance to win one of the two $10 gift cards Rae Rivers and I are giving away.

Ric and Alexa come together by chance. Okay, Alexa is on a wild girlie holiday and Sinfully Summer begins with her doing a crazy dare. She ends up in his penthouse in her underwear. Ric uses her trespassing to his advantage.

Get your mind out of the gutter, he's not that bad! :o) He gets her to agree to a ‘date’ which involves networking for a charity he runs to help homeless children.


But they drive each other crazy: Ric because he can’t control the wild heiress and Alexa because she thinks Ric has a stick up his ass.


However, he gets his way and Blackmails her into working as his events organiser. Really, all Alexa wants to do is enjoy her holiday.

But Ric isn’t having any of that. Will Alexa bend to his demands, or will she accomplish the impossible and get Ric to lighten up? You’ll have to read it to find out ;o)

Sun, Sea and Scandal

Notorious heiress Alexa Green has certainly been enjoying her most recent girls-holiday in Marbella. Just as we thought, she’s been knocking back the cocktails and showing off her fabulous bikini body on the beach… but rumour has it she’s also been spotted sneaking out of Enrique Castillo’s penthouse in the early hours of this morning – in nothing but her underwear! Our question is, doesn’t this fiercely private billionaire know what he’s letting himself in for?

He’s got the millions… and she knows how to spend them! So lie back on your sun lounger and get comfortable, because this summer fling is going to be a sizzler!

You can grab Sinfully Summer here: Amazon US / Amazon UK / Google Play / Barnes & Noble

Competition time!

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