Thursday, 20 June 2013

Let's get this party started, with a #giveaway

It’s publication day! Rae Rivers and I are celebrating the release of our books, Sinfully Summer (by mwah) and The Keepers: Archer (by the lovely Rae). We’ve got a few fun posts planned throughout the day, and we're giving away a $10 Amazon gift card each! More details on how to win at the end of the post.

First, I have a fabulous excerpt from Rae’s book to share with you…

“I’ll come with you, Sienna.”
She nodded, never having doubted otherwise, and stopped at the doorway to frown at the shattered lamp on the floor.  When had that happened?
Her breath caught as memories of Archer’s kiss clouded her mind, but she was quick to push them away.  She looked back at Archer and blushed when she saw his lips curl into a slight grin.  He would be able to sense her quick flush of excitement sparked by the memory of their kiss and judging by his grin, he found brief amusement in her reaction to the memory.  “Stop it,” she said, jabbing a finger in Archer’s direction.
“Stop what?”
“I want my damn necklace.”
“But this is way more fun.”
“For you maybe.  I’m going to bed.”
“You haven’t eaten yet.”
“I’m not hungry.”
“Lucky you.”  A sexy gleam entered his eyes and a silly grin played on his lips.  “Because unlike you, I am hungry, Sienna, but it’s not food I’m after.”
Sienna gaped at him for a second, spun around, and fled to her room.

You can pick up The Keepers: Archer right now, here: Amazon UK / Amazon US / Barnes & Noble / Google Play

And next, here’s an excerpt from Sinfully Summer to get you in the mood for a… erm… I’ll let you decide that!

‘Put down the plate.’
Alexa obeyed, unable to speak or protest. Her brain seemed to have forgotten how to form words.
‘Turn around.’
She did as she was asked and closed her eyes so she didn’t do something stupid, like lean forward and lick his tattoo, or maybe suck one of those brown nipples into her mouth. Blood pulsed between her thighs and she squeezed them together.
His hand tilted her chin and she didn’t know who was shaking, but someone definitely was.
‘Open your eyes.’
She did and immediately wished she hadn’t. His chocolate eyes were so dark they looked almost black, smooth jaw stiff with tension and his lips looked full and firm—as firm as they had the last time they’d stood in the kitchen and he’d taken her ability to stand away just from pressing his mouth to hers.
‘I think it’s time we stopped lying to ourselves.’
Her lips parted as she gasped. His thumb skimmed her lower lip. ‘What do you mean?’ Her chest rose and fell with her need, her desire, but fear kept her sane. Fear was good.
‘I want you, and you want me.’

You can grab Sinfully Summer here: Amazon US / Amazon UK / Google Play / Barnes & Noble

Competition time!

The aim of the game is the more posts you comment on throughout the day, the more entries you have into the draw. I’ll be posting a few more times today, and so will Rae. All you have to do is visit both our sites and Harper Impulse when prompted, and leave a comment. 

The competition will be open until Wednesday at midnight, in case you don’t have time to visit all the posts today. On Thursday Rae and I will tally up the entries and pick the winners’ names out of a hat (or bowl, or milk jug if that takes our fancy!).

Make sure to visit Rae here in two hours for her first post, and be in with another chance of winning.



  1. Hugest congratulations to you both! Wishing you a wonderful release day and mega-sales!!! Big hugs! xxxx :-)

  2. sounds like fun i am in. and if i dont win definitely putting these books on my to read list for summer reading :)

  3. Ooh, where did my earlier comment go?
    Anyway, huge congratulations to you both on publication day!!
    Really enjoyed reading those extracts. xx

  4. congrats missy. To Rae too. Have a fabulous day.xxxx

  5. Finally this day arrived. I've downloaded my copy of Sinfully Summer. Congrats on your release. And to Miss Rae as well! The Keepers:Archer sounds yummy. Happy release day all around.

  6. Happy release day to you both :-D

  7. Thanks everyone! Rae's post is up, pop over and leave a comment for another entry into the draw :)


  8. Thanks for the fun excerpts and congratulations ladies!

  9. Very nice excerpts

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