Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Last chance to win!

My last post for the day, and another chance to win one of the two $10 gift cards Rae Rivers and I are giving away. Here’s one more cheeky excerpt from Sinfully Summer.

Ric has Alexa on his kitchen counter, naked from the waist down. This one comes with a content warning: 18+ only.

He nibbled and kissed his way from her knee to her inner thigh and her breath rushed out when he closed in on her centre. She parted her legs wider, not caring anymore if he pulled away, she was pretty sure she’d drag him back by the hair. But he didn’t kiss her where she needed him to. Instead, he moved to her other knee and began the same circuit. She huffed out a protest and he laughed against her thigh.

‘We have all night. There’s no rush.’

‘I’m going to explode on my own if you don’t hurry.’ She bit her lip, cursing her wayward tongue.

‘I’d like to see that.’ His dark eyes shone with humour, but his tight jaw made her think he was as ready to burst as she was. ‘But not tonight.’

His hands slid under her bottom and he squeezed, pulled her toward the edge and she yelped. She grabbed hold of the handles on the cupboards behind her and held on tight. He leaned in and her breath whooshed out in a rush. Still, he didn’t touch, only inhaled, shuddered and planted a soft kiss below her belly button.

Alexa hadn’t been lying about exploding; her whole body felt like one breath in the right place would do it. But he just licked his way down, then kissed the flesh on her tingling thighs.

Damn him. ‘Are you waiting for an invitation?’ 

Sun, Sea and Scandal

Notorious heiress Alexa Green has certainly been enjoying her most recent girls-holiday in Marbella. Just as we thought, she’s been knocking back the cocktails and showing off her fabulous bikini body on the beach… but rumour has it she’s also been spotted sneaking out of Enrique Castillo’s penthouse in the early hours of this morning – in nothing but her underwear! Our question is, doesn’t this fiercely private billionaire know what he’s letting himself in for?

He’s got the millions… and she knows how to spend them! So lie back on your sun lounger and get comfortable, because this summer fling is going to be a sizzler!

You can grab Sinfully Summer here: Amazon US / Amazon UK / Google Play / Barnes & Noble

Competition time!

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  1. This sounds good

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  2. I have Alexa and Ric sitting on my kindle, ready and waiting for me :-) Will also have to check out Rae's :-) All the best with both books, guys :-) xxx