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Confessions of a Chalet Girl - Out now!

Today I have the lovely Lorraine Wilson on the blog celebrating her debut release with HarperImpulse, Confessions of a Chalet Girl. 

Thank you so much for coming over to let me pick your brains! You may regret that in a minute :o). I have a few questions about your latest release that I am just dying to get my hands on.

Can you sum up Confessions of a Chalet Girl?

‘Confessions of a Chalet Girl’ is a fun, flirty read that promises snow, sex and secrets! A recent Goodreads review said it was “All in all a fun and cute romance with some steamy scenes.” I’m pretty happy with that summary!

My Pinterest Story Board is probably the best way to sum up the feel of the story -

What made you choose Verbier as the location for Confessions of a Chalet Girl?

Verbier is a very exclusive ski resort but it also has a lively après-ski circuit so I think it makes a perfect story setting. Plus you’ve got outdoor hot tubs, roaring log fires, it’s snowing…all pretty romantic! 

Sounds dreamy! Do you enjoy skiing? Have you been before?

I did used to ski but my main reason for wanting to use it as a setting is that I love the Alps – I travel to Switzerland a lot and know the locations pretty well. It’s a beautiful backdrop for a story. I’m actually setting out for Switzerland again today (27th) - we’re renting a chalet and I’ll be sitting in the mountains writing my next story!

(Aimee butting in – I thought you were going to take me in your suitcase?)

Are the Swiss men lush?

Ahem, let’s just say that skiing attracts some really fit men and they flock from pretty much every nation, you can take your pick ;-)

Now I’m very put out that you left without me. For twats (me) who don’t know what a chalet girl is, can you tell us a bit about Holly’s job?

Chalet girls live in the same chalet as the paying guests and have to work pretty hard but they get free board and lodge and usually get a ski pass thrown in as well. As long as they get up to make the breakfasts/beds/cakes/clean etc. the rest of their time is their own. Although sometimes they might be expected to entertain the guests…

Sounds kinky, though that may be because I’m in full erotica mode right now hehe. So, who was the inspiration for Scott?
I have a soft spot for Michael Weatherly (from NCIS) and in one photo in particular I think he looks the part.

Do you have a picture?

Oh, now he is nice...

And Holly, what’s her confessions, or is that a secret? You gotta give me something, June 27th is a long time to wait :o) *Note. It was at the time, but I’ll have found out not long after I’ve posted this, Yay!

I couldn’t possibly give away my heroine’s secrets – she’d never forgive me ;-)


Thank you so much for coming Lorraine, really can’t wait to read it! Here’s a little about Confessions of a Chalet Girl to get you in the mood.

Blurb: Set in the exclusive Swiss ski resort of Verbier, the winter playground of the rich and famous, Confessions of a Chalet Girl is a fun and flirty contemporary romance novella from the fabulous Lorraine Wilson.
The slopes seriously start to heat up when chalet girl Holly is propositioned by her sexy new boss!

Excerpt from ‘Confessions of a Chalet Girl’

“Get it off!"
 Shouts and wolf whistles filled the packed bar. Embarrassment prickled at Holly Buchanan's skin. Chalet girl initiation? Huh, why not just throw her to the lions and have done with it?
Swallowing hard, she scanned the crowd. Could she pull this off? They looked inebriated enough to have their designer wool scarves pulled over their eyes.
Bras of all colours and sizes dangled from the wooden beams of the bar's ceiling, resembling pastel-coloured Christmas decorations. 'The Wonderbar', the venue for her first night out in Verbier was, despite appearances, not a seedy strip joint but a favourite haunt of savvy seasonnaires. Not to mention the occasional billionaire.
She heard it grew pretty steamy in the small hours. Not that she was planning on sticking around to see. No way was she dancing on a table.
A throbbing tension headache pulsated against her temples.
What the frick am I doing here?
Enduring ritual humiliation in return for the ten free shots her team would get if she whipped off her bra was hardly her idea of a good night out.
"Off, off, off."
Her heart performed a neat back flip down to the soles of her boots.
Come on Holly, work it! You can do it.
“Off, off, off.”
She took a deep breath and stepped forward. It wasn't as if she even wanted the blasted drinks but failure was not an option. Fitting in was going to be difficult. Her wavy auburn hair contrasted with the straight, identikit caramel locks of the other chalet girls and a glimpse in the mirror confirmed she was paler than an anaemic ghost beside their healthy tans. She'd packed for winter, not clubbing and her cheap cashmere sweater clashed with the other chalet girls' strappy, sparkly tops that defied the sub-zero temperatures outside.
“Off, off, off,” the chanting grew louder and more impatient.
I hate, hate, hate this…
She slid one hand up underneath her jumper, giving silent thanks to veteran chalet girl Sophie who'd warned her about the initiation. It’d given her time to come up with a miraculous idea. An idea that had to work because no way was she doing this for real.

If for some inexplicable reason that hasn’t convinced you, here’s what the reviewers are saying…
“This was such an amazingly intriguing novella. It was sexy and fun. All the things I look for in a good read." Confessions of a Book Whore
“All in all a fun and cute romance with some steamy scenes. Definitely a read lovers of the genre will enjoy.” Goodreads review
"The setting might be cold but the romance is HOT!" One More Page review
Buy it here:

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