Thursday, 16 May 2013

Words of Wisdom ... with Warren from Double Trouble

The week of debauchery continues with another man who claims to be quiet but I’ve read his book and in this case appearances are deceiving. Meet Warren from Double Trouble (book three in Melissa Blue’s Modern Fairy Tale Series).

First up, a warning from Melissa…

Author's Note: Warren has a fear of public speaking. I kept telling him what I need and he kept replying with, “You want me to do what?” He's quite stubborn when he wants to be. So, this is what I managed to get him to say. I apologize in advance.

Take it away Warren…

I'm the quiet guy. The guy who gets shelved into the nice guy category because he's not an outright douchebag. Yeah, men are notorious for not being big on talk in the first place, but I live in that quiet place so I hear all the words that aren't spoken. I'm also a writer. Words are my stock and trade so I should be a pro at conversation, communicating and the like. Unfortunately, I'm not and sometimes that means folks notice me and then there eyes sort of skip over to someone who is louder, more present.

But in the quiet you can hear a soft sigh, a moan filled with pleasure and agony and a shyly whispered demand of harder. And that's the thing. I don't have to talk at a woman to hear her tell me exactly what she wants. It's all in the slight rock of her hips, her fingernails digging into my back or doing something she may not even know she wants. You'd be surprised by the reaction one gets from a well-timed and well-place ass smack. And when I do talk it's to tell that woman how good she feels wet and tight around me.

I am by no stretch of the imagination an Alpha male. Not matter what anyone says. I know what I want. I learn what my woman wants. If she does what I ask it's not because I demanded her to.

So, like I said, I'm a quiet guy.

Author's Note: He has Alpha tendencies. Don't believe him. His story isn't out yet, but you can catch up on a Modern Fairy Tale series with the first two books.

Double Dare:

First impressions are lasting impressions...

Pastry baker Emmaline Sharp is one business  connection  away from  turning her bakery into something more  than the dessert shop on the corner. She believes she’s found Mr. Right in café owner Tobias Merchant. His Caff-aholic brand of freshly brewed coffee makes him the perfect partner. When she accepts a dare that thrusts her naked self into Tobias’ waiting arms, she jeopardizes her entire future. Emma will have to convince him to give her another chance, and somehow she'll just have to ignore the unexpected passion he ignites within her.

Tobias needs the connection with Emma’s bakery, Sweet Tooth, in order to liberate himself from the financial and emotional obligations of his past. Unfortunately, Emma's reckless behavior leaves him doubting she can be level-headed and business savvy. Every one of his instincts tells him to walk away, but she’s a temptation he can't seem to deny. He's inexplicably drawn to the lightness in her, especially when he knows just how dark the world can be. Against his better judgment, Tobias ignores his instincts and proceeds to form a partnership with Emma.

When their relationship shifts from business to personal,  will  Emma and Tobias  be able to conquer their  demons  and  find their sweet reward before the deal turns sour?

Twice Smitten:

Abigail Johnson would use three words to describe Drew Carter: lush, loafer and womanizer. When he struts into Adtivity, the advertisement company she works for, her world tilts on its head. He's been hired as a consultant to help her ad account team go to the next level. She’s suddenly faced with a man who is a consummate professional, considerate and kind. It’s must be a farce, because he’s there to decide the fate of her career. When things heat up between them, she refuses to let those brief glimpses convince her to entangle herself in a relationship with him. Her career and heart is on the line.

Drew Carter is fully aware of Abigail's trepidation. There's no denying he hasn’t always been the kind of man a woman should trust, but no one woman has ever made him want the way Abigail has. Her stubbornness, loyalty and honesty appeals to his secret wish—to be open, unguarded and challenged by a woman. Abigail fulfills this unspoken need and he refuses to let her walk out of his life without giving them a chance.

It doesn’t take long for Abigail to suspect Drew just might be the one—the one. But can she trust him with her heart? The more she lets doubt rule her it just might be Drew’s heart that ends up broken.

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