Friday, 10 May 2013

Once Upon a … Winner!

Huge thank you to everyone who voted for their favourite title on both our blogs! Lots of great suggestions, but there was only one title on my blog with the most votes and that was…

Drumroll please…

Reunited With Red!

And, as you all know, Michelle put all the entries into a hat and her kidlets got to pick a winner from each of our blogs. Little Zak picked my winner who is…

Desere Steenberg!

Congratulations Desere. I believe you now have the book. Enjoy.

And for everyone else, guess what? You don’t have that long to wait. Really. Once Upon a Twist will be live on Amazon on 3rd June. So, only a few weeks. We promise we will tease you plenty before then ;o)

Now pop over to Michelle’s blog here to see what her winning title is.

Reunited With Red

Many, many years later…

When Ruby visits her grandmother in the deep, dark forest, she stumbles into a nightmare. Her grandma’s been attacked by a wolf-like creature, and an ancient disease that turned people into monsters is back… and so is the cold-hearted ex she walked out on a year ago.

Now she has to either accept Jeremy’s help or face becoming a monster herself. Fighting alongside the man she once loved isn’t easy, especially when she discovers there’s more to Jeremy than the cheating bastard she took him for.

As they fight to survive the disease and save those they love, can they keep from falling for each other all over again?


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