Thursday, 4 April 2013

Review - Double Dare by Melissa Blue

I've been waiting forever for this trilogy, and finally, book 1 is here. Scroll down for my review.

First impressions are lasting impressions...

Pastry baker Emmaline Sharp is one business connection away from turning her bakery into something more than the dessert shop on the corner. She believes she’s found Mr. Right in café owner Tobias Merchant. His Caff-aholic brand of freshly brewed coffee makes him the perfect partner. When she accepts a dare that thrusts her naked self into Tobias’ waiting arms, she jeopardizes her entire future. Emma will have to convince him to give her another chance, and somehow she'll just have to ignore the unexpected passion he ignites within her.

Tobias needs the connection with Emma’s bakery, Sweet Tooth, in order to liberate himself from the financial and emotional obligations of his past. Unfortunately, Emma's reckless behavior leaves him doubting she can be level-headed and business savvy. Every one of his instincts tells him to walk away, but she’s a temptation he can't seem to deny. He's inexplicably drawn to the lightness in her, especially when he knows just how dark the world can be. Against his better judgment, Tobias ignores his instincts and proceeds to form a partnership with Emma.

When their relationship shifts from business to personal, will Emma and Tobias be able to conquer their demons and find their sweet reward before the deal turns sour?

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My Review:
This story kicks off with Emma partaking in a crazy dare to help cheer up her best friend after a breakup. This is the first time Emma meets Tobias, naked as the day she was born, with a cop car doing patrols of the neighbourhood. He saves her from possibly being lifted, even though he doesn’t know she’s his future business partner.

Tobias is utterly gorgeous, and the poor guy is getting over the murder of his fiancé. He’s quiet, reserved, and the ex-cop in him can’t help try to figure Emma out. He moved to town with his younger brother Josh—by the way, he totally needs his own story when he grows up—who Tobias has also been keeping secrets from. His first instinct is to protect those in his life. Though a bit stuffy in the beginning (the dare/stunt was frowned upon) Tobias quickly won me over with the way he cared for Emma and Josh.

Emma is the quiet one in her trio of friends. She’s wary, a little bit of a pushover, and a queen desert maker. But she is in no way shallow. Emma has a horrid past, losing her parents at a young age and trying to make her way in the world. She hurts, she feels, she cares and when she does I was right there with her. Tobias managed to coax her out of her shell to the point where she even stood up to the strongest personality in her group, and I think I fell for him a little more around then.

All in all, Double Dare was a fantastic story and I can’t wait for the second in the series, Twice Smitten. The humour one expects from a Melissa Blue story is inherent from the first page, right to the end. Both characters are a little broken, even though they may at times not think it, but they heal each other up nicely and I’m not ashamed to say I cried at the end. The scenes with Emma and her two best friends Sasha and Abigail are brilliant and I could picture being there, rolling my eyes at something Abigail said, or giggling at one of Sasha’s one liners.

I highly recommend this story, and can’t wait for the second! Get to work Ms Blue.