Thursday, 18 April 2013

Lady Pirates

Now I’ve been ranting all over the interweb of late about my new found love of historical romances, one in particular actually, The Unraveling of Lady Fury. A pirate for a hero, a woman posing as a Lady and a desperate need to produce a dead husband’s heir? What’s not to love?

And who created such an extraordinary story? No other than fellow Scot and marvellously talented Shehanne Moore. She has agreed to let Fury come over and tell us a little bit about herself. Welcome Fury!

Firstly as ever I want to thank Aimee Duffy, another very talented, very lovely lady, for allowing me to visit her today. She has a new book out which Shehanne is so busy devouring, she has allowed me to come here by myself today to show you all my latest Where Am I Now postcard.

The title of Aimee’s book is Never Say Never. I must say, as titles go, it is one I do appreciate. In life one never should, although of course, one often likes to.

Anyway, today I want to talk about scenes connected with that postcard—no not ones where I was accused of swiping the faces off various of Flint’s floozies—scenes of a Caribbean nature, involving women on board ships.

Now firstly let me assure you, I may have sailed the Caribbean with Flint, when I was young and impressionable, not to mention stupid, I did not sail it like Ms Bonny with a cutlass in hand. No. And I would not have sailed it at all had I but known the boat I was stepping on belonged, not to Captain James Blackmoore who Captain Flint was awfully good at passing himself off as. But Flint himself.  Or that he was going to offer me a certain choice regarding his bed and the plank.

Although of course I can see similarities.  Mz Bonny’s mother died when she was young, and I gather at the age of 13 she supposedly stabbed a servant girl with a table knife.  But then again perhaps the food was off?

Anyway Ms Bonny, having become both disowned by her father and  a Mrs, next became Calico Jack Rackham’s mistress, not only sailing with him as a pirate but expressing her sorrow to see her lover go,  as he stood on the gallows, “but if he had fought like a Man, he need not have been hang'd like a Dog." It was a great mistake on his part to cower in the hold after all, leaving her to fight off their pursuers—something, credit where it is due, Flint would never have done. You see? Never Say Never.   

Perhaps after all, Mz Bonny might have done better with Mary Read, her fellow lady pirate, who she had taken such a notion of, thinking she was a he, Calico got quite jealous?

Mary and Ann were imprisoned and sentenced to death. Clearly a woman who lived by her wits---a little like myself, Mz Bonny pleaded a certain woman’s condition and disappeared into the ether.

What’s not to like about all that?

Nothing I can think of Fury. Well, thank you for visiting and sharing where you’re at now. I think I’d quite like to be a pirate, travel the seven seas and all that. For now though, I’ll have to follow your journey and perhaps re-read your book. Not a hardship at all, and much cheaper unless of course I found myself a man like Flint. What? One can dream...

Here’s a little more about The Unraveling of Lady Fury…

Genoa 1820
Rule One: There will be no kissing. Rule two: There will be no touching…
Widowed Lady Fury Shelton hasn’t lost everything—yet. As long as she produces the heir to the Beaumont dukedom, she just might be able to keep her position. And her secrets. But when the callously irresistible Captain James “Flint” Blackmoore sails back into her life, Lady Fury panics. She must find a way to protect herself—and her future—from the man she’d rather see rotting in hell than sleeping in her bed. If she must bed him to keep her secrets, so be it. But she doesn’t have to like it. A set of firm rules for the bedroom will ensure that nothing goes awry. Because above all else, she must stop herself from wanting the one thing that Flint can never give her. His heart.
Ex-privateer Flint Blackmoore has never been good at following the rules. Now, once again embroiled in a situation with the aptly named Lady Fury, he has no idea why he doesn’t simply do the wise thing and walk away. He knows he’s playing with fire, and that getting involved with her again is more dangerous than anything on the high seas. But he can’t understand why she’s so determined to hate him. He isn’t sure if the secret she keeps will make things harder—or easier—for him, but as the battle in the bedroom heats up, he knows at least one thing. Those silly rules of hers will have to go…
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“Looking isn’t the same as touching. You should know that, intelligent woman like you. No. You just liked to think I did.”
Lie? He did it through his teeth. With the skill and temerity not just to believe himself but to put the onus back on her. So she was the bad one for not believing him.
The poor misunderstood Captain Flint.
“I could have. I could have plenty. That time in San Domingo. In Trinidad. Hell, let’s not even mention that pretty little blackamoor floozy you nearly swiped the face off in Martinique.”
Her? The fine hairs rose all along the back of Fury’s neck. Her breath puffed faster than usual.
“But I didn’t.”
She could settle this. She would have to. “Then what were you doing in all those whorehouses then, pray tell? Admiring the view?”
He slanted her a long, narrowed gaze. “I thought you killed Celie. All right?”
She had known that but for him to confess it, and that this was why he had pretended…
“I thought you killed her. But, even then, it wasn’t as simple as that.”
Not as simple. God, the rage she tried to master in that instant was too great to govern. It burned from the tips of her toes, all the way up her shaking legs, through her churning stomach, to her fingertips. To her very reticule. Which descended on his chest. Followed by her fists.
Her mind emptied, except of one thought. He had done it to spite her.

And I have to say this is a book I will shout about e’er more. In fact, here's exactly what I thought about it:-

Have you ever read a book where the start leaves you panting? Every page you turn there's nothing to bog the feeling down? With every chapter you grow shorter and shorter of breath until 3/4's of the way through? Then your eyes sting, breathing becomes impossible and a looming sense of dread keeps you reading faster and faster? And the end comes and that sting in your eyes turns to proper tears, streaming down your face, barely pausing and you can take a full breath again? But your heart warms, and you have a fuzzy feeling inside, and you want to tell the world because this book was such an emotional ride that you will never, ever forget a thing about it?
The Unraveling of Lady Fury is such a book. A keeper, and one I'll read over and over.

Go on, grab your copy now. You know you want to...


  1. Ma Duffy you can indeed dream, but I warn you now, when it comes to Flint, I am not going to deny the truth of the wording on that postcard.... Lots of love Lady Fury

  2. A wee descendent of free settlers in Australia, I am shakin' in me boots at the awesomeness of Lady Fury. Not endowed with the strength of the Scottish convicts, who came to my country for failing to bath often, I am scared NOT to read 'The Unraveling of Lady Fury'. And seeing as both Shehanne and Aimee are Scots, I better read Aimee's book too! Just so that I never get punished by the two authors. Did I say never? NEVER say never!

  3. Hee hee Noelle. I knew you were from free settlers and not these common convicts. A classy lassie like you. Thanks for coming by to visit Madame F. NOT pictured above wearing stripey stockings....

  4. Lol Noelle, thanks for stopping by.

    Fury, I hope you're not insinuating I'm a floosie?

    1. Aimee!!! MOI????? Je suis offended. I did but say you can dream........
      Lady F......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Long ago I had decided to switch from historical to erotic romance, and said I'd never go back - it was time to move on. Never say never! Holy cow, I have a new found love for stories from the past! And I like a man who doesn't like rules.

  6. who do not like or abide by rules are the best...xx

  7. So does Shehanne...But hmm.....saying nothing
    Lady F.