Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sinful Saturday...

Welcome to my first sinful Saturday. I'll be announcing the winners of the Easter Giveaway later today.

First, I have a sinful post from Isle of Sensuality to share. What is Sinful Saturday I hear you ask?

Sinful Saturday

Post 7-10 sinful sentences every Saturday.

You can sign up using the form on the site (click the graphic above). Sign up begins each Sunday morning and ends on Wednesday night.

This week I’m using ten sentences from the ‘on screen’ love scene being filmed by the hero and heroine. It’s also a turning point for Caitlyn, as she decides (quite rightly so) that even though Jake’s all wrong for her, the man knows what he’s doing and who wouldn’t want to get a piece of that?

Jake’s thrusts increased in speed and pressure. Her mind went fuzzy around the edges.
His mouth against hers. The feel of his hard strength pushing her closer to some unknown pleasure.
Caitlyn hovered at some undiscovered edge. Needing more pressure. Needing,
something. This…this was almost bliss. It was so close she could feel it.

 Need more? Isle of Sensuality is available here:
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  1. Great choice of sentences. When I read them in Isle Of Sensuality I actually shouted 'No!' at that darned "Cut!".

  2. LOL. I thought letting her get her way that soon was too nice. I prefer to torture characters ;o)