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Hot Bods, a Review, and a giveaway!

I have Lacey Wolfe on the blog today telling us a little about The Hot Bods Series. These books made me a lifetime fan of Ms Wolfe’s. Read on for details of how to enter the giveaway to win a copy of one of the books from the series. Take it away Lacey…

The unlikable character’s transition into the likeable character. Say what?
Over a year ago, I penned a story titled, Fool Me Once. When I started this novella, I didn’t realize it was going to be a series. My heroine had a roommate however that begged to have her story told as well. The Hot Bods series was born. Then I had to decide who would be in this series.
Skylar was in book one and her roommate was Amy—which became book two. Book three feature the receptionist at the Hot Bods gym. And finally, book four, Opposites Attract, has been released and it features Francesca—the unlikable character, hopefully turned likeable.
You see, Francesca was the other woman in the first book, Fool Me Once. The woman who wanted Skylar’s man. I wrote Francesca to come off as a gold digger and piece of arm candy to men. In book two, More Than Useful, Francesca was the sister to the hero, Adam, and Amy’s future sister-in-law. Yikes! And Francesca was still on the snobbish side. But when I realized Francesca would be getting a story of her own, I knew I had to let reader’s see a different side to her. Accidental Love, readers get just that, as Francesca is there for Jane and helps her with nothing asked for in return. And finally, Francesca got her story. I didn’t make it easy on her. The hero is someone from her past and he knows just who she has come across as all these years. In this novella, Francesca has to not only prove to Randy that she isn’t a gold digger, but to herself.
Hopefully by the end of this series, Francesca is that one character you remember and love.
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Thanks for popping by today, Lacey. I love a prickly heroine and Francesca from Opposites Attract certainly delivered. At the beginning of the series, Francesca isn’t painted in a very good light and she had some growing as a person to do before I could become sympathetic with her. By the time Opposite Attracts arrived I got to see the other side of her, and when she bumped into her childhood flame, even though she broke his heart, I rooted for her all the way to the end.

Randy is the perfect hero. He’s sexy and alpha with a huge dollop of integrity. He’s about the only man I can think of to rein in Francesca and make her realize that happiness and a wholesome future is more important than material things, though it did help that by the start of the book she was beginning to believe it herself.

Opposites Attract was the perfect ending to a fabulous series, though I really do wish there would be another, maybe a divorce party between a couple or something that turns out okay. (Hint, hint Ms Wolfe). Opposites Attract is easy to get into even if you haven’t read the others, but I’d recommend starting from the beginning to get the best idea of how far Francesca has come.

Francesca thought she knew what she wanted in life until one stormy night when she got a blast from the past.
When Randy receives a call at his auto shop one night from a woman whose car has broken down and needs a tow, he never imagined he'd be coming face-to-face with his high school sweetheart. Randy has never loved a woman the way he loved Francesca, but she broke his heart, claiming he could never provide the life she was determined to have. That was years ago, but he's still bitter about the way she tossed him aside.
Seeing Randy again, Francesca realizes what a mistake it was to breakup with him. She'd like to try to rekindle the old flame, and she can tell he's still attracted to her too, but every time they're together, all they do is argue. Can she convince Randy she isn't the girl he remembers and that she can settle for love even if it comes without money?
Content Warning: explicit sex

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Randy cleared his throat, hoping to break the tension between him and Francesca. The way she was looking at him, he was worried she was about to pounce. It was taking everything in him to not walk over there and kiss her.
Picking up a work towel, he wiped his hands on it and then directed her toward the front office. She walked in front of him and it was his turn to devour her ass. And hot damn, the jeans she wore were tight and molded to her butt perfectly. Her pants hugged her legs all the way down. She wore black boots that came to her knees. He wasn't sure what shirt she wore, because his eyes had yet to make it past her luscious behind.
Once in the office, he stepped around her, getting a whiff of a very tempting smell. He quickly sat and scooted under the desk as far as he could. He was hard and didn't want her to see.
Francesca took a seat in front of him and he now noticed her pink tank top that was cut low enough he got a hint of cleavage. Inhaling again, he wondered what perfume she used. It really was igniting his senses.
"I spent some time looking at your car today. When was the last time you had an oil change?" he asked.
"It's been awhile."
"I can tell. And how long has the car been leaking oil?"
She shrugged. "Not sure. I wasn't concerned since it was just little drops here and there."
"Those little drops here and there add up. You almost had no oil in your car. And I hate to tell you, but you have torn up your engine."
"Well, can't you just pop a new one in and it'll be good as new?" she asked.
"I wish it was that simple. Here, look this over." He slid a sheet of paper across the desk. "The top portion has to be done, the middle is recommended, and the bottom is optional. The price is on there too."
Her eyes widened as she read over the paper. She then glanced up at him. "This can't be right."
"I'm afraid it is. You haven't taken very good care of the car."
"I get it washed and detailed all the time. I take very good care of it."
Randy shook his head. "There's a lot more to a vehicle than just its appearance. You've got to take care of the things people don't see too."
She was quiet for a moment and then finally spoke. "I don't know if I can afford this."
He raised an eyebrow at her. "Don't you have some rich man who can pay for it?" He regretted saying it the moment it left his lips.
Francesca's mouth fell open and he could see the shock on her face.
"I'm so—" he started to apologize.
"I can't believe you would say that, Randall. You of all people," she snapped.
"Me of all people," he repeated. "What the hell is that supposed to mean? If I recall correctly, you dumped me because you wanted a rich man to take care of you. Tell me, how is that working out for you?"
Francesca stood up, placed her hands on her hips, and leaned forward slightly. As much as he hated it, his focus darted in for a peek inside her shirt.
"I'll have you know that I'm not the gold digger you think I am," she argued.
"I bet you refuse to date any man whose income level doesn't meet your standards. Tell me, why haven't you married one of them yet?"
"Why aren't you married? Can't find a girl who will have you as a husband?"
Randy stood and stepped around the desk. "I haven't found anyone else who can start my engines the way you could." He rubbed the back of his fingers on her upper arm. "Haven't you found a rich guy yet who can kiss you breathless?"

If you haven’t read any of these books yet, well why not? The series is sexy, emotional and by the end of Opposites Attract I am not ashamed to say I had a handkerchief in my hand.

If you fancy being in for a chance to win a copy of one of the books, click the Rafflecopter link below.

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  1. I haven't read any of the Hod Bods series yet, but am putting them on my check out list.

  2. They are fab! I had to wait for the others when I read, but luckily all four are out now (I'm not the most patient person lol).

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Absolutely loved this series, but i have to agree... I want more!

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