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#EasterGiveaway - last chance to win!

Thanks for stopping by. This is your last chance to enter the giveaway, and the wonderful Melissa Blue has made the competition even sweeter. As well as a chance to win the $5 daily gift card (or Sterling equivalent) and gain an extra entry into the prize draw, everyone who comments on this post will have the chance to win a $30 Amazon gift card (On Amazon US only). You can thank Ms Blue later. For now, I have a tantalizing excerpt from five lovely ladies.

More details on how to enter are at the bottom of the post. Happy reading everyone!

Warning, some excerpts contain adult material

Everything He Dreamed, by Melissa Blue

The smile was still tugging at her lips when she gazed at him, but it had left her gaze. “Are you going to tell me the truth now?”
He had to look away because if he held her gaze, he'd ask and screw the rest of the day up. Phoenix wasn't dumb. If she wasn't safe, she wouldn't live in a cabin a mile away from anyone else. She wouldn't be here with him now, if someone was after her. He grabbed hold of her shift and closed the space between them. He brushed his lips over hers and she sighed, laying her hands on his wrists.
“Tony,” she murmured. “Not now.”
His jaw clenched and he shook his head. “Either kiss me or tell me.”
She lifted her chin and kissed him deeply, in front of his family, and in that moment he didn't give a good damn. Her lips were soft and succulent and he could have lived on the taste of her. Sweet and dark and filled with secrets she refused to tell him. She'd rather kiss him than tell him. His gut churned, and his hand tightened on the shift, but he kissed her anyway.
She made a noise, low, that sounded full of pain, and she turned her head away. She blinked fast and tried to smile. “I think your mother has all the fodder she needs now.”
“Mateo would have gotten the twenty anyway,” he said, still not able to look her in the eye. “So, where do you want to start? Food, family, or booze?”
He nodded. “Definitely, booze.”
She squeezed his wrists. “Thank you for not asking.”
But he would. Not now, but soon he'd ask for the heartache.

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Friends & Lovers, by Tara Mills

Loving Wes wasn’t what came as such a surprise to her—no, it was falling in love with him all over again, but deeper this time, that made everything so intense and special. This wasn’t a one-sided infatuation with a fantasy, this was the real deal, warmly reciprocated.
Dropping her eyes down his body as he dried his hands, Lauren wondered if Wes even noticed he was still naked. She certainly couldn’t help it.
“Come here,” she said with a husky voice, pulling him close and wrapping her arms and legs around him.
Wes dipped down and kissed her, and Lauren gave herself up to the heady sensations of bare skin to bare skin, tongue to tongue, and their heartbeats synchronizing. She tightened her grip on him and felt his erection brush against her. She pressed back willingly.
He groaned. “You realize this isn’t the bedroom.”
“Your point is?” Lauren put her ear against his chest and listened to his heart as she ran her fingertip lightly along the underside of his cock, making both jump to attention.
“Hold that thought,” he said and dashed to the bedroom for a condom.
Lauren’s towel was draped over the top of the shower door when he got back.

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The Naked Truth, by Lacey Wolfe

Abigail stepped back out of the way and let Josh enter.
“It smells good.” He glanced around.
“I was cleaning. I was just about to wash up before you showed up unexpected.”
He grinned. “I thought we could open this together.”
She eyed the white rectangle in his hand. “That’s for you. Not me. I know you’re the father. You were the last man I was with.”
“Before you found out you were pregnant?”
She laughed. “No, as in you’re the last man I’ve ever had sex with.”
“You don’t mean…”
“Oh, yeah, I mean it. I’m a single mother. I don’t have time to date.” He was quiet and she found it amusing. She could only imagine the thoughts running through his head. “Open it up.”
He set the envelope on the table next to him and closed the space between them. “It was five years ago that you and I were intimate. And in all this time, you’ve never gone to bed with another man?”
“You’re still on that?” Men.
His hand wrapped around her neck and he pulled her face to his. “Do you have any idea what it does to me to know I was the last one to touch you?”
She shook her head. “What does it mean to you?”
“How about I show you? Can I?”
She gazed at his lips and licked hers. Before she knew what was happening, she nodded and his mouth crushed against hers. He stole her breath when his tongue swooped in and met hers. She reached out and grabbed his shoulders, bringing her body closer to his.
Her body burst with pleasure, the same way she felt years ago. His arms wrapped around her and lifted her. Her legs intertwined with his waist. Josh spun her around, setting her on the same table the envelope was on.
He ended the kiss, but only to begin a trail on her cheek, to her chin, neck, and collarbone. “Oh God,” she murmured.

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The Morning After, by Sally Clements

“Okay, now you know what you’re supposed to be doing, right?” Caitlin’s sweet voice wafted up from a hidden point to her left. “You’re Winnie the Pooh. And you’ve gone through the hole into Rabbit’s house to eat his honey, eaten too much, and got stuck. I’ve got the honey pots stacked up here, all we need is you stuck in the wall.”
“Yes, I understand.” Cara wished the day was over, and it hadn’t even begun. There were three long hours before she could climb out of this ridiculous costume. 
“Can’t hear you!” Caitlin’s voice rang out. She even had the cheek to giggle. 
Cara clenched her teeth. 
“Bend over; I’ll help you into position.”
It was like trying to pee in a bucket blindfolded. Not impossible, but darned difficult.

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A Rose Between the Thornes, by Raven McAllan

"And what, my dear Jasper, do you think we should play for?" she asked using his first name deliberately. For as an older lady, surely that was acceptable? Did he realize the disparity in their ages? She saw by the look in his eyes he knew what she was trying to do. She felt the glance they exchanged rather than saw it.
She blinked. "I beg your pardon?" Had she heard right?
"Sex, in a manner we so choose, you and us," Nathaniel replied. "Both of us. All of us. There is no negotiating on this. One night for each game you lose by. We play for one hour."
So they think I will lose. She fancied they might be in for a surprise. "And if I win?" she queried lightly. "Sex in the manner I so choose—if I do? Or a forfeit, from each of you, to be decided by me at a later date? No negotiation."
They may be telepathic, as she believed twins often were, however, the surprised look that passed between them was everything she could have wished for.
"Of course, my lady," Nathaniel said. She nodded, and turned to Jasper. "And you Jasper? What say you?"
"I say, 'tis a rare person who can tell us apart, something that bodes well for the future, perchance? You will know who is inside you, and where."
She could not help but chuckle. Truly they were incorrigible. "And our wager?" she prompted.
"Be ready to enjoy all we decide to give," he said. "For assuredly we will win."
A thought struck her. She knew this might not be as straightforward as she had first believed. They were devious. "You play as individuals? For two against one is surely not a fair division."
Nat laughed. "Oh, love, we play alone, we fuck together. And we say now we both must beat you." He laughed as her eyes widened. "At cards, in the first instance, or all bets are off. What say you?"
Sophia looked at each of them in turn. Her heart leaped with the thought of what his statement meant. She could see no catch, but felt certain there must be one. Slowly, after the silence grew so long and she saw them glance uneasily at each other, she nodded.
"No man beats me in any other way, and if I can help it, not at cards either." She smiled. "Gentlemen, let us play."

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Given, by Ashlynn Monroe

"Brax. Please."
"Oh, I’m not done yet. I’ve waited a very long time for tonight."
"Please. I want to touch you," she begged quietly. He released her hands.
She reached out to touch his cock and he blocked her hand with his knee. "Don’t. I want to enjoy you, and if you touch me, I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle myself. I’ve waited a lifetime for you, Krista, and I don’t plan to disappoint you."
His words touched a place deep inside, a spot she’d promised herself they wouldn’t enter. He was right, she was his, and it hadn’t been a lie or a game. This was a dangerous position, giving too much to any of them could upset the entire balance of their "arrangement", and she didn’t want to live in a house filled with anger and jealousy.
He placed a tender kiss in the middle of her stomach. Then his hands were under her butt 
and he pulled her closer. Brax picked up her legs and rested her ankles on his shoulders. Her eyes widened. He grinned. His index finger dipped into her wetness and he began swirling it against her clit, hard. Krista moaned and laid her head back, closing her eyes again. He worked her body with quick hard caresses and she built toward another orgasm. The caresses suffused her with a pleasure that quickly spiked higher.
He thrust forward, his cock sliding inside of her. The angle of his entry intensified the feeling, and she instantly surrendered to the raw need. All the amazing sensations caused her to shudder violently. She wrapped her arms around his chest, crying out with a single gasp.
"Tell me you’re mine," he demanded. She cried out; the feeling of pleasure was overwhelming. "Tell me what I need to hear."
"I’m yours," she cried.
Her back arched and the cresting desire hit its zenith, tumbling her into the mindless ecstasy of intense orgasm. She came so hard that her scream was a raw, low, primal sound reverberating in the room as she bore down on the pleasure, panting with the force of her release. Her pussy gripped him tighter and Brax stopped rubbing her to catch himself, hovering above her.
He closed his eyes and threw his head back, yelling with a triumphant roar. The heat of his release filled her. Krista lay back, feeling him inside of her, their bodies joined as one. It was beautiful. She had to hold her breath, or she was afraid she’d start crying. She’d been afraid of so much, but this man had given her more than she’d ever expected. She hadn’t wanted to like any of them, but she found herself feeling something so profound she was afraid to try to give it a name. It was too early to give the emotion the name it deserved.

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