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#EasterGiveaway Day 5, not long left to enter...

Hi everyone, welcome back. We’re on day five of the Easter Giveaway and today there will be two posts which means you have an extra entry to win the grand prize ($25 or Sterling equivalent gift card and a bundle of books by various participating authors), plus one there’s a $5 (or Sterling equivalent) gift card up for grabs. I also have more fab snippets to share. Details on how to enter are at the bottom of the post. Happy reading everyone!

Warning, some excerpts contain adult material

The Sinful Art of Revenge, by Maya Blake

Reiko stared at him, unable to look away despite the dangerous, swirling emotions within their depths. He didn’t speak after several minutes. His gaze traced over her face, down her body to the fingers she was twisting in her lap.
“I’ve frightened you.”
She let out a hoarse laugh and shook her head. “You were intense before, just not this intense. It’s not frightening, it’s…”
“A turn-on? The thought of being possessed by me again?”
The delicious thrill that went through her shamed and excited her, even as she was pushing both feelings away. Damion would never possess her again.
“Since that’ll never happen again, this is a moot point, isn’t it?”
“Never is a delicious challenge at the best of times. When it has the discourtesy to come wrapped in something I really, really want…” the rest of his words dangled tantalisingly out of reach. Then he added a Gallic shrug to it.
Her unravelling started with a force of melting heat rushing through her. Followed by the stinging puckering of her nipples. Damion smiled, as if he knew the effect he was having on her.
He captured her hand and raised it to his lips. Warm, firm, his kiss branded her.
“Don’t be frightened, ma petite. This time will be even better than the first.”
“First of all, don’t call me that. I’m not your little anything. Secondly, nothing is going to happen between us.” Nothing could. It was impossible. “Besides, have you forgotten you have to find future baroness soon? Tick tock, my friend. Don’t waste your time on a conquest that has no meaning for you. You should be out there, finding yourself a wife before you go extinct.” Why did saying that scrape her throat and scour her heart so painfully?

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Naughty Little Bed Time Stories, by Tamaria Soana

From The Great Outdoors

I took off on my horse. I looked back to see that Kristen was in hot pursuit. I enjoyed the feeling of an all-out run with this amazing creature under me. I tugged on the reins and slowed as we came to the opening of the meadow. I dismounted and watched Kristen slow her horse to a stop and dismount with ease and grace.

“This place is beautiful,” she said as she looked around the meadow.

“I found it a few years ago. I used to come here for some peace and quiet,” I responded as I laid out the blanket. “Sit, let’s have lunch, then we can walk around and explore,” I said as I gave her one of my panty-dropping smirks. I knew how to push her buttons.

“Explore?” She had a twinkle in her eye. “Why, cowboy, what do you have in mind?” she asked in her best southern drawl.

“Let’s eat first.” I unloaded the picnic basket and laid out the food.

It was a beautiful Texas afternoon. We talked and joked as we lay on the blanket, feeding each other grapes and cheese. I could have stayed there forever with her. We finished our lunch and cleaned up. I pulled her toward me and planted a hard, passionate kiss on her lips. She moaned and I took the moment to slide my tongue in her mouth and against hers. Our hands roamed up and down each other’s bodies.

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Addictions of a Sex Demon, by Jaye Shields

Axel reached out and touched the soft flesh of the woman. He'd been given the gift of a hellion with the face of an angel. Her cheek fit perfectly in his palm as he cupped her face. Her eyes flickered in response, shifting from a playful, yellow glow to a deep, primal, amber hue. He drew his finger down her shoulder and observed the heated silk of her skin.
"You're hot enough to be a dragon's mate." He spoke gently, afraid to spook her.
Her dainty hand swatted him away. "A sexual demon like you doesn't need cheesy pickup lines."
He frowned. "Your skin is very warm, woman. What are you?"
"I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours."
Axel appraised her and was happy to note that her climax had helped stop the trembling of her hands. But it would only be a matter of time before the effects of the withdrawal continued. "My name is Axel Stavros, one of the few quetzalem in this realm."
He searched her face for a reaction, but found none. Instead, the firecracker ran a hand through her electric pink hair, mussing it up so that she looked like she'd just rolled out of bed. He groaned at the thought.
"Quetzalem, huh? Well, that explains the tasty BBQ smokehouse quality of your skin."
He frowned. There was no detecting how this woman truly felt about his intentions. "You are familiar with my breed then? Perhaps you know that once a year we go into heat for twelve hours, and during this time we need constant climax to fan the embers of the brimstone lacing our bones. If we do not, our brimstone dries. Never more can we get it back once the cinders turn to ash."
"Well, it's a good thing you found the sex demon in town, isn't it?"
Of course. He should have guessed. She was too damn hot to be anything else; it was her young, innocent face that had convinced him otherwise. He'd already experienced the fire coursing through her veins like liquid passion, and he knew her claim to be more than true. It was an understatement.
He motioned for her to follow him. "Come to my home and I'll give you what you need."
That perked her up. No doubt she thought he meant the fae wing. "You know, sex demons can sympathize with your little problem. Except we have it worse. If we don't get climax on a regular basis, we can weaken, and even die."
"I doubt you've ever had a problem with this." His gaze raked over her sumptuous, goddess-like body. He instantly regretted the words when her yellow eyes swarmed with a deep orange and flecks of brown. She'd gone from carefree to tormented in only the breath of a sentence.
"I haven't, but my sister Zahra nearly died just last month. She was tortured by someone who knew this information. Not everyone likes sex demons. Surely you can appreciate this, dragon boy, since your kind has been hunted to near extinction."
Axel looked upon the woman in a new light. She wasn't just a sensual hellion. She'd seen enough things in her obviously young life to be a woman who knew how to take care of herself. Contemplating what kind of hard times would have led to the thick skin she possessed fueled his veins with rage. Thinking of anyone hurting this beautiful woman brought a haze over his vision. Remembering her current condition, he took her hand in his, but she jerked it away. He'd held it just long enough to realize the shakes had returned.
He'd seen enough withdrawal to know her insides probably felt as if they were soaked in acid, being pickled in bitter liquid need. Her mind would only be half-registering his words. The other half would be an evil mantra teasing her with the desire to make this itching of her skin and pain within her body go away.
"I'd been clean for a month, but I had a slip up the other day." Her gaze flickered with disappointment. "My sister still doesn't know. We left our hometown mostly on my behalf." She laughed, but it escaped in a bitter, desperate cry. He searched her face for tears, but found none. "Gods, why am I telling this to my dealer?"
"I'll be more than your dealer soon."

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Good Enough to Share, by Zara Stoneley

I’d been having dirty dreams about Dane for as long as I can remember. Well, probably since the first time all six foot something of him had swaggered into this bar and given me the type of smile that gave me an almost, emphasis on almost here, uncontrollable urge to strip every last inch of his clothing off in slow motion. But I hadn’t, because nice girls don’t, do they?
“Been out hammering shoes on?” I tweaked a bit of straw out of his thick dark hair and resisted the urge to tangle my fingers in deeper, just in case I’d missed a bit. And then rub a hand over that broad, strong chest just for good measure. He was buff underneath that shirt, I just knew it. Well, I did actually. I’d seen him strip to the waist the odd time at the tail end of the summer when we’d actually seen a bit of that golden orb in the sky they call the sun, and he’d built up a sweat manhandling horses. And along with every other girl on the yard I’d gone weak-kneed and tried not to stare as I’d watched his muscles ripple and a trickle of sweat bead its way down his back. A bead of sweat that needed licking off.

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