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#EasterGiveaway, Day 3

Hi everyone, welcome back. We’re on day three of the Easter Giveaway which means you have another chance to win a $5 (or Sterling equivalent) gift card, get another entry into the prize draw AND I have more fantastic snippets to share. Your TBR piles must be toppling by now.

Details on how to enter are at the bottom of the post. Happy reading everyone!

Warning, some excerpts contain adult material

A Path of Petals, by M.A. Stacie

Griffin reached out, stopping the swing and pulling her close to him. The wooden plank rested on his thighs, nestling her ass against his groin. She tilted her face up toward him, exposing her throat and leaving her lips millimeters from his. The temptation was becoming too much, and she was having to fight the urge to kiss him with everything she had.
“I’ve been talking to George and it looks like I’ll be staying for a while. At least until the house is renovated and ready to sell. I just need to make sure my business won’t suffer without me.”
“Oh!” She gasped. She’d wanted him to stay, even though, in truth, she’d never really expected him to. It felt strange having him confess that, though it was difficult focusing on anything but his breath against her ear. “I didn’t think you—”
“There’s one other thing,” he murmured, his lips caressing the column of her throat. All she could do was hum in response. “Let me take you to dinner, Rain.”
She swallowed, lost in the sensations he was producing. This man could steal her heart and leave her broken when he left. Nevertheless, she refused to deny herself anything. Including Griffin. “Yes,” she said softly, licking her lips moments before his mouth met hers.

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Business & Pleasure, by Emily Wood

"So, what are you doing here?" Mia tried to seem nonchalant, despite the fact that her body was having some kind of chemical reaction to his presence.
As if from nowhere, the handsome man produced the bottle of champagne he had purchased earlier that night. "I do believe we have plans to share this." He took a step closer to her.
"Oh. I would, it's just we aren't supposed to socialize with the clients outside of the club," Mia said teasingly, although it was technically true.
"Tell me, Mia, do you always do what you're supposed to do?" It seemed as though he had expected her reaction.
"No, I guess not."
"I've been watching you, Mia."
"I've noticed." She took a step in his direction and looked challengingly into his dark eyes. "So, do you like what you see?"
They were close enough to touch, and Mia's every nerve was tingling, hoping to feel his fingers on her skin. He swayed forward and, for a moment, she thought he was going to kiss her, but he leaned toward her ear instead. "I have a business proposition for you," he breathed, sending a shiver through her body before he pulled away from her.
It took Mia a moment to compose herself, and his eyes sparkled with amusement, no doubt he was enjoying her confusion. "Business…a business proposition?" Mia attempted to sound as casual as she possibly could.
"I'm returning to my home in Tuscany tomorrow," he announced.
Mia felt her heart sink, but was determined not to let it show. "Oh, it must be beautiful in Italy this time of year. But what does that have to do with me?"
"I was hoping you would accompany me."

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Falling In Danger, by Kaylie Newell

She opened her mouth to answer, the water streaming down her face, her saturated hair just barely touching her shoulders.
He turned to her, his movements deliberate and measured. Her pulse thumped in her neck, her body heating in areas it shouldn’t have. The tops of her breasts swelled over her arm which attempted to cover them, and she was aware of every single inch of exposed skin that he’d be able to see, even through the cloudy glass of the shower door. Still, she didn’t move, the words that she wanted to say thick and catching in her throat.
Condensation dripped down the glass, creating jagged lines of clarity where there weren’t any before. She could tell his eyes were moving over her. He didn’t bother hiding it. They took her in, from her ankles, up the curve of her legs, over her hips, and toward her dripping chest.
The knowledge sent a thrill through her. She was painfully self-conscious by nature; never in her life had she stood naked in front of a man. And certainly not one like this, a brooding, dangerous stranger. Yet she could feel the incredibly erotic, feminine power she had over him, simply by standing in one spot and staring right back. It was enough to make her body tremble in places she didn’t even know she had.
Just when she couldn’t stand the tension one second longer, just when she thought she might actually open the shower door and pull him in with her, he turned away.

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Lily’s Leap, by Téa Cooper

Lily could see the pale ribbon of road below cutting through the trees and the bright blue expanse of sky wide-open in front of her.
“Nero. You can do it,” she whispered into his sleek, shiny neck and he snorted in response. Her thigh muscles burned as she tightened her grasp on his flanks. His muscles tensed in response, attuned to her body. She gritted her teeth and willed her shaking hands to steady. “We can do this, Nero. We have to.” Her heart hammered so hard in her chest she thought it might leap right over the culvert and down the hill ahead of them.
With barely a moment’s hesitation she dug her heels into the stallion’s flanks and urged him down the hill. The last trees cleared and the sudden heat of the sun stung her face, then she crouched low over Nero’s neck. The clatter of his hooves on the sandstone surface told her they had reached the road. The blood raced through her veins, pulsing in her ears, a violent and excruciating pounding raged through her body.
“Stop.” Tom’s command echoed around her as the blocks of the convict hewn, sandstone walls reared ahead of her. Surely it wasn’t such a huge jump for a horse like Nero?
She leaned forward in the saddle and her cheek brushed the dampness of his neck. Time slowed. With her eyes squeezed tightly shut she sucked in a great gulp of air and clenched her teeth tightly together. Nero lifted into the air. His muscles bunched beneath her and he flew over the chiseled blocks and down the slope. Her knees gripped the saddle and she dragged the reins almost vertical as they plunged down. Tufts of wiry grass and small rocks littered the route. She flinched as Nero’s hooves crashed across them. Gasping in a quick breath, she prayed for the terrain to level off.
Her lungs contracted like bellows and what little air remained, whistled out through her pursed lips. Nero tensed and she shuddered as he stumbled and then regained his balance. Her heart leapt to her throat and her wrists twisted as she wrenched on the reins to slow him. He quivered to a halt. Silver spots danced in front of her eyes and she gulped in a breath to feed her starving lungs. Nero’s muscled body trembled and quaked beneath her and white froth flecked his muzzle.
“We did it, darling Nero. We did it.” The salty tang of his body filled her nostrils as she leaned over his neck murmuring endearments. She swayed with exertion and forced her rubbery muscles to respond as she squinted into the sunlight. Figures on horseback towered above her, stalled on the road. She had an overwhelming urge to wave her hand and shriek in triumph.
But she resisted; this was her opportunity and she had no time to waste. She cut away to the right praying her memory of the maps was correct as she searched for the track leading her to Laguna.
“Lil-eee. Lil-eee.” Tom’s call bounced off the sandstone walls. Shading her eyes with her hand she stared back toward the culvert wall. It was empty.
“Lil-eee. Lil-eee.” The sorrowful echo reached her, resounding somewhere deep in her gut. Her sweat-soaked curls clung to her face as she shook her head, raging at her ridiculous foolishness. After such an exhilarating and successful leap for freedom why did she suddenly feel so melancholy? Her heels bruised Nero’s flanks and she urged him away in a fast canter.

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The Unraveling of Lady Fury, by Shehanne Moore

“Aw, come on Fury, didn’t you like my kissing? Hmm?” His breath, hot and male, brushed her fingertips. He wrapped his arms around her, splaying his hands across her back, so her hand might as well not have been there for all the protection it was.
But she was calm. Didn’t she have to get into bed with him after all? So, even the impulse to squirm was one she would squash. When she thought of all he had done to her, she would give him nothing. Not even the knowledge she found his proximity so unsettling that she sought to pull away.
“Your kissing was fine, in its way, I suppose. But kissing is a sign of affection.”
“How do you make that out?”
She knew exactly what he was scratching his head about. Their love-making had been torrid. It had been sensual. It had been shaming. And it had been completely absent of any affection. Certainly on his part. So, why on earth would a kiss be a sign of anything? To him anyway. She was the damn fool who had thought it had. Who even now was forced to concede the pleasure it would be to take her hand across his face to assist his understanding of her feelings. The impertinence of the damn man, the stinging ignorance.
“It just is.” She eased the distance between them a whisper. “So there will be none. Not now. Not at all.”
“All right then. Saves time. It means—”
“Rule two.” She saw his eyes freeze as he readied himself to yank off his shirt. She persisted anyway. Why not? In many ways she walked a tightrope here. If she paused it might be to her detriment. “You will be fully dressed at all times.”

*This title will be available March 29th.

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The Monster of Fame, by Aimee Duffy (Yes, this is me)

"We only have white. I hope that's okay," Annabelle said as she pulled a bottle from the fridge.
"White's fine," Miles assured her.
She reached for the top shelf of one of the cupboards, pulling out two glasses. A strip of pearly skin flashed at her waist as the top rose. His attention was drawn to the creamy concave of her stomach. His throat grew tight. Every part of him itched to be closer to her.
"Here we go." She carried the glasses over to the work surface he was leaning on. Her floral scent engulfed him.
"Annabelle," he whispered.
She looked up at him, surprise crossing her features until she looked harder. She must have seen the feral hunger in his expression, known that when his attention dropped to her plump lips it was because he wanted to taste them. When his gaze locked hers, a flush stained her cheeks, but this time it wasn't embarrassment.
Her cobalt gaze dropped to his lips and she moistened hers. Miles doubted anyone could resist this kind of desire. This feeling went beyond lust to an almost carnal level. It was all-consuming and he didn't have the strength to fight it.
Worse still, he didn't want to.

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