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#EasterGiveaway, Day 2

Hi everyone, welcome back. We’re on day two of the Easter Giveaway which means you have another chance to win a $5 (or Sterling equivalent) gift card, get another entry into the prize draw AND I have more fantastic snippets to share. Details on how to enter are at the bottom of the post. Happy reading everyone!

Warning, some excerpts contain adult material

Knight & Play, by Kitty French

How could she be here, half naked in his arms without having even so much as
kissed him?
Sophie slid her hands up onto the wall of his chest and touched him for the first time.
Her hands registered hard heat, and even through his shirt she could feel the steady
beat of his heart.
“Unbutton it.”
Oh, yes please. Sophie worked the buttons open and slid the material back over his
shoulders, and he yanked it off his arms and threw it to the floor.
Up close and bare-chested, Lucien was heart-stoppingly fabulous. The soft silk of
her bra brushed against the hardness of his chest, and Sophie melted into him.
Lucien’s breathing was audible but steady as he caught hold of her hands. He
snagged them both behind her back in one of his own larger ones, and his other hand
slid around the nape of her neck to draw her mouth to his.
She was captive, at his mercy, and she loved it.
“Beautiful Sophie,” he murmured against her lips, and then, at last, he lowered his
head and kissed her.
Sophie’s senses reeled at the first touch of his mouth on hers, soft and then hard and
so filled with sexual intent that she trembled. He bit her lips and then licked them
better. Explored her mouth with his hot, potent tongue as his firm hand cupped the
back of her head. Being kissed by Lucien made Sophie feel as if everyone who’d
kissed her before should queue up for lessons from him. Her knees buckled, but he
had her so securely in his grip that it didn’t even matter.
“Easy,” he murmured into her mouth.
His hand slid around her throat, and then down to trace across the silk-encased
curves of her breasts. Sophie arched against him, desperate for more, and she groaned
as his erection pressed hard into her stomach.
He lifted his head to look down into her face, then eased his knee between her legs.
“You have no idea now many ways I’m going to make you come.”

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Too Devious to Tame, by Doris O’Connor

She noticed, of course. She would have to be blind not to. His prick seemed to be on a trip back in time to its teenage years when he'd had absolutely no control over that particular appendage. He was a grown man for fuck's sake. The last thing Jemima needed right now was him with his own version of the leaning tower of Pisa.
"Ignore that, cara. The thing has a mind of its own when you're around." She giggled in response, and his lips twitched in answering amusement. Some of the old Jemima showed in the mischievous glint of her eyes when she pursed her lips and ran a fingernail down his shaft.
"I don't know. I find it quite a compliment that you find me so irresistible." She proceeded to cup his balls and knead them, and he growled low in his throat, as his balls grew tight, and his pre cum seeped out of his slit. She swiped her thumb through the moisture and used the lubrication to run her hand up and down his cock. Giorgio closed his eyes and grabbed the wall for support, willing his body to behave. With his free hand he grabbed her wrist, halting the up and down glide of her fingers curled around his dick. "Dio Santo, have mercy, woman." He opened his eyes to see hers darkened in her own desire, her pale skin now flushed, and he gave in to instinct and kissed her. She whimpered into his mouth, and he fisted his hands into her hair, crowding her against the wall, as his tongue dueled with hers in an ever more passionate dance that left them both breathless by the time he pulled away.

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Something More, by Ella Jade

Claudia leaned closer to him, took his face between her hands, and kissed him. At first, she moved slowly, but the way he looked at her with those smoldering eyes told her everything she needed to know. He was just as excited to see her as she was to see him.
She ran her tongue along his lips, begging for entrance. He eagerly accepted as he parted them and slipped his tongue inside her mouth. His breath was hot and his lips were hungry as he kissed her with more force than she expected. She moved her hands up and twisted her fingers in his hair, moving him closer to her.
Brody pulled her onto his lap, pushed her hair to the side, and kissed her neck. She could feel his excitement pressing against her hip. His erection was trapped between his stomach and her side. He shifted his hips and rubbed himself into her. She sighed against his mouth, but then he pulled away.
"Claudia." The sound of his voice was both desperate and breathless. "I could take you right here, but that’s not what I want."
"It isn't?" She didn't mean to sound disappointed.
"Let me rephrase that." He moved her to sit beside him. "I would want nothing more than to have my way with you right here, but I don't think either of us intended it to be that way between us the first time."
"You think about our first time?"
"Every second of the day." He shrugged. "I'm a guy."

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An Innocent Abroad, by Rae Summers

Stefano stroked through the water toward her and Isobel slipped away again, making him chase after her.
She was a strong swimmer, loved the water, and by the time he caught her they were both breathless, though not entirely from swimming. He tackled her, playfully wrapping his arms about her to prevent her from escaping once again, bringing her hard up against him. Their laughter died, replaced by rapid breathing and an instant sizzling awareness of each other.
Her breasts pressed against his hard chest as his arms circled her waist. His manhood brushed against her thigh, hardening, and she wanted to touch it, to feel it, to see it.
He smiled, a slow, heated smile that lit up his dark eyes. “Not here,” he said, reading her thoughts.
“I’ll race you back to the boat.”
He swam well, his strong arms propelling him through the water. But impatience lent her speed, and it was an even race. They reached the boat together, and she climbed the rope ladder to the deck, burningly aware of her nakedness as she rose out of the water, droplets sleeting from her skin. She stepped onto the deck and waited for him, so agitated she could almost hear her heart knocking against her ribs.
He climbed the last rungs of the ladder and stepped onto the deck, standing straight, shoulders thrown back. His erection stood tall and hard against his stomach. She couldn’t drag her eyes away, though she was aware of his playful grin gently mocking her.
Like magnets, unable to do anything but obey the laws of attraction, they moved together. This time when their bodies met there were no barriers, neither water nor air, nor any of the internal barriers
Isobel had been taught were right and proper for a young lady to keep between her and a man. He wanted her and she wanted him. There was nothing else.

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Real Good Man by Elise Whyles

Luke glanced up at the knock on his door and watched it swing open. His eyes widened for a second and he grinned at the familiar figure of his boss occupying his doorway. As he stepped into the room, another man moved into view and Luke felt his heart trip. Dark hair curled over tanned features, a square jaw and a slight shadow along his jaw and throat slid down into broad shoulders, thick with muscles from working out. The tanned material of his uniform stretched over his biceps, clinging to his torso before dipping into the belted slacks of his uniform.
Butterflies danced in his gut and Luke swallowed, his attention lifting to meet the green stare of the stranger. He palmed his stomach, the punch of attraction stronger than he’d ever felt before. Sign me up for that rodeo. The thought raced through his head as the pair settled into the chairs across from his desk.
He breathed a sigh of relief and focused on his supervisor. “Morning, Craig, what brings you to my humble, if somewhat cluttered, office.” Luke offered his hand across his desk.
“Luke, hope you don’t mind us dropping in like this but I wanted to introduce you to your counterpart. Since you’re going up to be on fire patrol, he’ll be sharing the office with you until you come back down to the main office.” Craig Bortman gestured to the young man beside him. “This is Sean Tisman. This is his first field position, and I wanted to stick him with someone experienced. I know. I know you haven’t worked as a park warden for a couple of seasons, but that’s fine. You can still show him the ropes while doing your shifts.”

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Serviced, by Allie A Burrow & other authors

Safely enveloped in the darkness of the alcove, the bass pounded through the soles of Kate's boots and echoed inside her ribs. She lunged and caught Mark’s face in her hands, pulling him down to kiss him, her tongue forcing a route past his surprised lips and delving into the wetness of his mouth. "Take me," she breathed. Her hand stole over the carved ridges of his stomach, following the arrow-shaped path down to where it disappeared inside his jeans. "Please..."

His mouth opened and closed and he glanced over his shoulder at the heaving dance floor. "But—"

"No buts." She reached for his fly, undoing it quickly, but instead of finding another layer of clothing, his dick sprang free and elicited a gasp from her throat. "I need this"—she fisted her hand around it, stroking him, and his eyes squeezed shut, his jaw jutting out as his head tipped back—"I need you...inside me"—she swirled her hand over the engorged head and his entire body jerked—"now."

Mark's eyes flew open and even in the dim lighting, she saw his pupils dilate, the naked desire on his face almost frightening. His fingers skipped over the back of her neck and lost themselves in her hair, getting tangled in the shoulder-length tresses she had loosely pinned up. The gentle touch was at odds with the fierce hunger in his gaze. Electric shocks surged through the many nerve endings, connected directly to her core, and she had to lean into his hand, let him support the weight of her head, suddenly too heavy to keep upright under her own steam.

He tilted it back and locked his gaze onto hers, issuing her with a challenge. "If we're going to do this"—he leaned into her, his lips rasping her ear—"right here, right now"—his gravelly voice resonated within her, hungry, powerful—"we're doing it my way."

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