Sunday, 10 February 2013

#SexySnippets - Never Say Never

Last week’s post seemed to get eaten by Blogger (perfectly reasonable excuse for a numpty like me!). I hope it works this week.

My Sexy Seven is from my April release, Never Say Never. It’s book two in The Price of Fame Series but can be read as a standalone as well as a sequel to The Monster of Fame.

This is Chloe and Sander’s first kiss, he’s trying to prove a point that even though their relationship is fake, the attraction is all real…

He lowered his head and slanted his mouth against her gloss covered lips. She opened up, sighed and her hands slid around his neck. Arousal crashed through him and he deepened the kiss, feasted on the sweet, erotic taste of her and dipped his tongue in to experience it more fully.

Shit. He didn’t think it would go this far. Hadn’t expected her response to fuck with his head like it did. But her fingers slid into his hair, pulled him closer, made his wavering control snap.

You can visit The Nuthouse Scribblers’ site here to find more sexy snippets. Happy Sunday everyone!



  1. Nothing quite like that first kiss. Fab snippet :-)

  2. I love a good first kiss. Great snippet.

  3. I can't wait for this one. Loved the first!

  4. Hmmmm. Aimee, i can't wait either. Cover is hot too

  5. His first kiss and already losing control..Loved it!

  6. Great sexy snippet! And that cover is hot - can't wait to read it :-)