Sunday, 20 January 2013

#sixsunday Isle of Sensuality

Hope you’re all having a good weekend. This week’s been crazy, as usual. Yesterday Isle of Sensuality went live on Amazon and tomorrow it will be up on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Are, Book Strand and a few other places. Next week I’ll start my virtual tour kicking it off with a review & spotlight on A Tasty Read’s Blog, then I’m over at The Hot Pink Typewriter and Unwrapping Romance’s blog on Wednesday. Hope to see you all there.  

My six is from Isle of Sensuality. Jake and Caitlyn are filming a love scene and they both get a bit carried away. When the director shouts cut, they’re both left feeling frustrated. 

She could understand his frustration. If he felt even an ounce of what she did, then this would be torture for him too.
If you wanted something to happen, I certainly wouldn’t protest.
Jake’s words rang in her head, and at that moment she wanted to grab his offer with both hands. How could she not want more of this? If he could rouse so much pleasure from a barely-there touch, what would it be like when he did touch her? When his impressive length was hard inside her? 

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  1. Congratulations Aimee. Just popping over to Amazon now to buy Isle of Sensuality.

  2. Yo!! Aimee...congrats girl . Off to Amazon the noo..well after I prove I ain't a robot . That may take some time xxx

    1. Do I have the 'prove your a person' thing? Thought I took it off. Me & technology are a bad combo together.

      Thanks deary xxx