Thursday, 10 January 2013

Revisions, part two

Finally I sent back the revised story, Flirting With Trouble, to my editor at Mills & Boon. To ease the pain of the wait I’ve started another story, the third book in The Price of Fame. Not that it makes waiting easier. I’m still itching to refresh my inbox every five seconds.

I promised you all I’d share my experience revising a full manuscript, so here we go.

I’ll admit that I was daunted by the revisions and since the focus was on the beginning and the heroine and hero’s work relationship had to change, I thought I would need a total re-write from chapter four.

Instead of trawling through a few pages of emails time and time again, I got out my notepad and bulleted the points in the story that had to change. It looked something like this...
·         Alexa can’t be PA. Party organiser instead.

·         Ric doesn’t own hotel or building site, but aspires to.
·         Keep it fun, flirty and RIVA throughout.
·         Show what she does for a living sooner.
·         Make Ric more alpha.
·         He’s adopted.
·         He’s an adrenaline junky.

This helped me focus on the main issues in a way I could remind myself what I needed to do easily. By the time I got to chapter three I realised I needed to delete a few scenes which focused on her PA duties and alter them to bring Ric & Alexa together as partners. Luckily the curve in my new scenes brought the story to the same point as the deleted ones and I was able to stick (for the most part) with what I had in terms of the time line.

The tricky part was managing to keep the threads in sync with my new changes. My bullet point list ended up covered in scribbles to remind me of all the amendments I’d made to the story.

So all in all, revisions are great for the story, but tricky too. The learning curve was priceless and even if I don’t succeed in selling this story to HMB, I’ll be forever grateful for this chance to revise a book with their help and expertise.

Happy to answer any questions about the process :o)

Till next time XOXO


  1. Aimee
    Just to wish you lots of luck and sending you sparkly glittery fairy dust for good measure.
    It sounds like you really got your head round those revisions.
    Oh and if you work out how to cure the hit-refresh-every-five-seconds itch please let me know...
    Nina x

    1. Thanks Nina. It felt like I got it, so maybe that means I didn't ;o)

      I'm curious to find out the itchy finger cure myself. Maybe a pill to make you sleep until your email pings? It's not practical, but I bet it would work!

  2. Fingers crossed you nailed them.

    I'm about to try the 'you can only check your email if you have written 500 words that make some level of sense' approach. Sadly this relies on a level of self discipline so I'm not overly optimistic....


  3. LOL, I suck at self discipline. I'm telling myself I can only check once a day, but it's 12.37pm and I've lost count. Sigh, silly really. I know it will be a while.

  4. *fingers crossed* Aimee.

    Sue Child

  5. Go you for doing it and being able to actually re-write it!. :)

    1. Yup, I'm lazy that way. Will always look for the easiest way out :D