Saturday, 8 December 2012

Why we love Christmas

Melissa Blue and I both have Christmas stories out this month and thought we’d do something a little different. 

In true Christmas fashion, we’ve taken the twelve days of Christmas and turned it around to our twelve reasons for loving the season. 

We’ll kick it off with Mel:- 

Since we've split the difference here are my reasons for loving Christmas.

  1. The Christmas Story. The old school black and white version. Love that movie. Love it. But, for some reason there's a deep gouge in my copy. Right where Scrooge stands at his grave. But I swear it's a great comedy. You should all go see it. I laugh every time I do.
  2. Because nothing gets me more excited than the thought of spending so much time with my family. I even prepare a few weeks out by stock piling Xanax and Lexapro.
  3. Gifts. I ask for the same thing every year because nothing says Merry more than something with an 80 proof percentage. Yes, you guessed it—I ask for booze.
  4. In-Laws. Oh, they are my fav out of everything on this list. I love seeing them pull up to my home. They usually come bearing gifts and when they leave my children are usually with them. Because usually by then my lovely little * coughheathenscough * angels have spent a week asking me when can they open up their gifts.
  5. Candy Canes. Years back I've learned that you can eat one and then somehow the end will turn into a sharpened point. Great for open. (Or eyes. Or family. Or in-laws.)
  6. Ok. I lied. My all-time favorite part of Christmas is all the stock photos you can find showing me what this holiday really means. Why it's the thought that counts. Really, really. 

See. Doesn't that make YOU feel all warm and fuzzy about Christmas?
And now for me:- 

That makes me feel something, but jury’s still out on what.  

And my six reasons… 

  1. I’m Scottish, we love an excuse for a good party, and this is the ultimate party season. Older or younger, teetotaler or alcoholic, the pubs, restaurants and clubs are always jam packed this month. Regardless of the chill, all the women dress scantily, the guys go out without jackets and we all pretend blue skin is sexy.
  2. My crazy family. I have one of those massive families, on both sides, and on Christmas day it’s a constant stream of people passing through my parents’ home. From silly o’clock right through until it's past time to pass out on the bathroom floor there are people crammed into every corner. But it isn’t annoying, even if I have to sit on the floor or in another room. Some of them live in England, some Ireland and Christmas is the only time I get to catch up with them all. Though this year I’m a bit worried as a lot of them read my debut and my family aren’t shy in telling me what they think, and they aren't subtle about it!
  3. Shoes. Clothes. Fluffy slippers. Flannel jammies. Handbags. I get these all every year and I love it. Though at 26 I think I’m a bit old for pressies, but the rule in my family is you get the gifts showered on you until you have kids so I’m making the most of the fact I’m childless at the moment ;o)
  4. Singstar. For all who don’t know it’s a game for the Xbox/Playstation. My teenage brother has the game and the only time he is too happy to care about us trying to sing is Christmas day. It gets very competitive in my parents’ house, with all of us having a go at the songs and trying to get a higher score than everyone else. I’d love to say I’m up there with the winners, but sadly my singing voice doesn’t rival Adele’s. I sound more like a cat being swung about in a sack…
  5. Buchannan Street in Glasgow. I try to make a point of visiting every year. The shops are always filled with people frantically getting their Christmas shopping sorted, but being a last minute kind of girl, I only go for the Christmas lights and trees. No matter how much I hate decorations in my house (it looks so depressing when they all come down), I love looking at the decorations and Glasgow has some of the best I’ve seen. Especially after 4pm when the sun goes down and the lights go on.
  6. Vodka jellies. I’m not one for shots usually but on Christmas day all that goes out the window. My mum makes enough to get fifty people drunk (and that’s not including the champagne, wine, vodka and beer she keeps stocked for visitors). Also, it really helps with my confidence when playing Singstar :o)

And I’ve found a Christmas pic of my own.

Now that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!
Mel’s Sugar Plum Kisses is available now on Amazon and I, for one, adore it!

Twelve days to entice her...

Two years, two missed opportunities and Blaine Tucker refuses to have another chance pass him by. This Christmas he's going to risk it all to have Simone Michelson. Unfortunately the woman of his dreams, his wants and desires ties his tongue into knots. She's kind, sexy and funny as hell. Even if she could see him in a new way, he's not sure if the heartache of her past will stand in their way. There's only one solution: entice her with gifts. The kind of gifts that don't say he's a nice guy. A nice guy who also happens to be her boss.

Who in their right mind would take one look at Mousy Simone and want to leave her seductive gifts and love notes? No one she can think of. She hopes like hell it's Tucker, but if he felt anything for her, he'd have said it by now. The man could smile at any woman and get her to forget her name or morals. He's vibrant and she's drab. He's nice and she's prickly. Even if her Christmas wish came true, how could she trust what he felt was real?

Together they must face their fears and doubts to make this year's Christmas unforgettable.
 You can find it here:-
Amazon UK; Amazon US

You can find Mel here.

And my holiday short, Believe In Me, is part of a Beachwalk Press anthology with stories by ten talented authors. Holiday Kisses is free right now and you can find it here:- 

What do you guys love about the holidays?


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