Wednesday, 5 December 2012

What I’ve learned so far…revisions

Okay, I’m cheating a bit because I haven’t actually finished these revisions. In fact, I’ve only outlined a plan to tackle them. I think this post will be split into two—one before, one after.

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that I had a revise and resubmit from Harlequin on another story, a full request with revisions for my SYTYCW entry, Flirting With Trouble and at the end of last month I received revisions on the full.

They weren’t too bad, honestly, but at first glance they seemed daunting. The main thing I had to change is what Alexa ends up doing for the hunky, Spanish, Enrique (Ric). Unfortunately this means a lot of what I had isn’t going to work, but I think a couple of my favourite scenes can be salvaged.

Ric is too much like a Presents hero at the moment, but the lovely Incy Black suggested an easy fix for this allowing me to keep him alpha, but more RIVA. (See, writing buddies are worth their weight in gold at times like these). Also Michelle Smart gave me a great idea to move forward with.

For me, I think rewriting is the cleanest and easiest way to move forward. I don’t have to change much in the first three chapters, only tweak to fit my new Ric, so that part should be easy enough. From chapter four onward in the plan, I’ve sketched out ideas for each chapter, even throwing in and highlighting scenes from the old version that can be tweaked.

I’m not usually one for planning every last detail, but another writer buddy, Amalie Berlin swears by it and it makes sense when tackling something like revisions to go with a plan of attack when there’s such a short time frame.

The best piece of advice I can give though, when it comes to revisions, is read the instructions over, let them sink in, then if you have questions, ask. My editor is an absolute gem and doesn’t seem to mind my questions. After all she wants the same as me, for the book to be the best it can.

Right, now I’m off to actually do the revisions. Wish me luck :)


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