Monday, 3 December 2012

Sneak Peak - Isle of Sensuality. Warning, Hot!

Warning, not suitable for readers under 18

With a month to release day, I thought a teaser was appropriate, since I’ve been chatting about my steamy action-packed story all over the place :). In reality, it’s the movie they’re shooting that’s action packed, but Caitlyn and Jake want each other. Did since the moment they met when he arrived in Rio over a week late.

So how did Caitlyn go from bitter because he was making her miss her sister’s show to his bed? Well, here’s a hint…

“Okay, guys, you know the drill,” Sean said and sunk into a fold-out chair beside the wicker wardrobes.

The cameramen set up at the side and rear of the bed. Jake approached her, his jaw tense and his eyes shuttered. She tried to stand, willed herself to run, tried to move at all, but couldn’t. She was trapped in his gaze and under the spell of want his near-naked presence had caused.

He lowered himself onto the bed next to her, and then leaned close to her ear. “It will be okay. You’ll do great. I promise.” The whisper of his breath made her shiver.

The secret place between her thighs ached and her nipples tightened. She wished, with all her heart, she could just be immune to him. Caitlyn had been counting on the vodka to assist. She never had any luck.

Caitlyn nodded, not trusting her voice. He took her hand, stood, and pulled her up with him. One of his hands settled on her lower back and rubbed small circles, while he threw back the sheets. Even through her robe, she could feel the heat of his skin seeping into her, turning her body into a shell of vibrating hormones.

He laid down on the bed and tugged her hand for her to follow. She kept her attention on his eyes, knowing his body would only make her arousal far worse. A deep, almost feral hunger was barely concealed in the chocolate depths. Her stomach quivered as that same hunger sped through her body, banishing her insecurities. With trembling hands, Caitlyn slid off the robe.

Jake pulled her to his side with a tenderness she wouldn’t have guessed he possessed. Her heart gave a tug in her chest, but the heat raging through her veins, blended with the warmth of the vodka glow, made every inch of her skin sensitive and wiped the thought away.

With the covers propped loosely on his hips, he rose over her and she instinctively opened her thighs. Jake moved between them and propped his weight on forearms bracketing her head, the muscles there bunched with the pressure. He gave her a tense smile.

“Action,” Sean called, and Caitlyn’s breathing sped.

Jake threaded his fingers through her hair and angled her head toward his face. Tension lined the hard planes of his jaw. She linked her arms around his back and felt the muscles bunch beneath her fingers. His breathing grew ragged along with hers.

Jake brushed his mouth against her jaw, her cheek, and then finally her lips. Caitlyn could feel his bare thighs against hers. Fire spiraled out from her core and spread to every part of her body. His spicy smell made her blood boil, and her hands snaked around his neck as she wrapped her legs around his torso.

“Caitlyn,” Jake whispered into her mouth, a broken whisper which she didn’t so much hear as feel. She groaned, tasting the addictive substance his kiss was made of and let instinct take over.

The length of Jake’s arousal rubbed the thin, cotton panties which were now almost soaked through. She moaned into his mouth as one pretend thrust skimmed her sensitive nub of flesh, now swollen and desperate to be touched. She ground her hips against him, again and again, the vodka warmth and fire inside her morphed into a pressure which ached to be released.

What on earth had she been thinking of, shying away from something as amazing as this all her life?

Jake’s thrusts increased in speed and pressure. Her mind went fuzzy around the edges. Everything around her disappeared. All that was left was the sound of blood pounding in her ears. His mouth against hers. The feel of his hard strength pushing her closer to some unknown pleasure.

Caitlyn hovered at some undiscovered edge. Needing more pressure. Needing, something. She couldn’t think. Moans escaped her mouth that sounded almost alien to her. This…this was almost bliss. It was so close she could feel it.


Jake froze, the tension in his body clear from his rigid frame. Caitlyn trembled with unfulfilled need. For a moment, she couldn’t figure out what had happened. Where she was. Then the world came back into focus, and she remembered.

The frustrated embarrassment made her cheeks flame unbearably. The vodka burn did nothing to hide her internal torture. Just one more second and she’d have known. She’d have known what that unbelievable mounting of pressure would do when it exploded. She’d wanted it more than she’d ever wanted anything. And now, now it was ripped away.

“Let’s shoot that again. Less panting, more moaning,” Sean declared.

Jake sank his head into the pillow next to her and groaned, his body still taut. She could understand his frustration. If he felt even an ounce of what she did, then this would be torture for him too.

If you wanted something to happen, I certainly wouldn’t protest.

Jake’s words rang in her head, and at that moment she wanted to grab his offer with both hands. How could she not want more of this? If he could rouse so much pleasure from a barely-there touch, what would it be like when he did touch her? When his impressive length was hard inside her?

She swallowed. Her core ached for him. Jake wasn’t her Mr. Right, Caitlyn had no doubt about that, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be her Mr. Right Now. After all, they both wanted each other. Why not make the most of the time they had on the island?

No, he wasn’t her soul mate. She knew that. But he was hot and they had chemistry. What harm could a short fling do? She wasn’t exactly storing her virginity for Mr. Right. The only reason she’d never had sex was because she’d never wanted to sleep with a man. Not Archie. Not any other man she’d met.

Or was it the vodka making her think this way? She knew alcohol could change people. It had turned her father into a monster. Was it turning her into a wanton fool? Or was the attraction she had for Jake some sort of chemical reaction?

Then again, from the second she’d met Jake, he raised her temperature and made her want. Why couldn’t she have him? At that moment in time, Caitlyn couldn’t think of a single reason.


So, what do you all think? Steamy enough?



  1. Steamy, hot and oh-so-sexy, Aimee! Can't wait to read this one!

  2. Wow, Aimee! Yes, very steamy and also intriguing. I want to know more about the MC. Great extract, leaving me wondering what happened before this point as well as what's next! I already have this listed on Goodreads.. Look forward to it. :-) x

    1. Thank you Fi. It gets hotter from here ;) x

  3. Go Aimee, you saucy hotpot!!! Can't wait to have this hot book in my hot little hands xxx

    1. I can't wait until it's out. I'm excited :) xxx

  4. I want to know what came before and what happens after - and a WHOLE month to wait?? xxx

    1. Aw thanks Lindz. See it as payback for all the teasing about Blood Shadows ;) xxx