Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Believe in Me, Part 4 #freeread

As promised, here’s the fourth instalment of my story for the Holiday Kisses anthology. Warning. Things are about to get steamy. 

Leona Sharp and Ryan Lee have been friends forever, it seems. Although there’s an attraction between them, they've never acted on it. On New Year’s Eve, Leona finally allows herself to give into the temptation, but she vows that it will only be for one night and as soon as the clock strikes midnight they will put it in the past and go on as if it never happened. Ryan, however, has other plans…

* * * *
Rye hovered by the door, intent on letting Leo get used to the idea of his seduction before he made his next move. Until she refused to kiss him, he didn’t think it would be a problem, but now…
“Rye…” She turned to him, the bottle green dress highlighting her pale skin and big, sexy eyes. “I don’t understand.”
The expression that crossed her face was raw, vulnerable. Shit. He crossed the room and tilted her chin. “I want this to be a proper date. I want to give us a chance.”
She stepped back, banging into the chair, her eyes full of mistrust. “Why now? Why are you doing this?”
Opening his mouth, the words stuck in his throat. He’d already made a big confession. How could he take the next step? Fear of rejection froze his tongue.
Deciding he could use some faux courage, he popped the cork on the champagne and poured two glasses. Leo knocked hers back in time with him. The bubbles brought bravery.
“I want you, Leo. I’ve always wanted you.”
* * * *
Leo had the urge to smack herself on the head to check she wasn’t dreaming. Her blood ran warm with the champagne, but her tummy ran hot with his words. She swallowed against the excitement bubbling up her throat. His expression—patient, expecting, with an undertone of terror—made her realize what she did next mattered.
Rye wasn’t a stayer. But he wanted her and she’d wanted him for as long as she could remember. It was an hour to midnight. This year had been awful. Burying her brother, leaving her home, and spending Christmas alone added to her misery. Why couldn’t she have a little while to enjoy what was left of a cruddy year? Why couldn’t they both have what they wanted, now? The minute the clock struck twelve, she’d put it behind her. New Year, new start. They could still be friends. Dammit, she’d make sure they were. She wasn’t a number, she was his for the next hour and she was determined to make it memorable.
“I want you too.”
Rye sucked in a breath as his eyebrows climbed his forehead. “Leo, I—”
Terrified that he’d say something to ruin it, to change her mind, she pounced on him, wrapped her legs around his waist, and gripped his wide shoulders. Before she lost her courage, she pressed her mouth against his.
The instant their lips met, all the terror vanished as her body exploded like a firework. The zing was immediate and clouded her senses. She threaded her fingers through his inky hair and sighed into his mouth. Rye groaned, then changed the tempo of the kiss.
What started off as a peck on the lips ended up wild, feral, and necessary. He staggered back into the room, slid his hands under her dress, and pushed the material up to her waist. Falling back onto the sofa, he broke away, gasping. She sucked in a shaky breath.
“Leo.” His hands froze on her stomach. She bit her tongue. The uncertainty creasing his brow was palpable. “Are you sure? This isn’t how I wanted to do this.”
“I want this.” And because she wasn’t certain he did, she had to ask, “Don’t you?”
He studied her. Leo’s heart lodged in her throat. His expression softened, and something bright and new shined from his eyes. He trailed a finger down her jaw and circled her lips. “I’ve always wanted this.”
Her breath caught. Before she could recover, his lips were on hers. The contact sent a jolt of lust through her and muddied all rational thought. She wanted him naked, wanted to feast her eyes on his chest. Wanted to lick, nibble, and bite it.
Tugging at the corners, she ripped the popper buttons of his shirt apart, then her hands were on his sculpted abs. Rye broke the kiss and lay back against the sofa, studying her from hooded eyes. She took the chance to devour his body with her gaze. Masterpiece. The fire inside her flared. She needed more. Now. If there was a round two, she’d get to the tasting.
With impatient fingers, she undid his slacks and freed him from his trousers. His erection stood proud. She grabbed it.
“Leo, fuck.” Rye’s breath hissed out between his teeth as she slid her hand up and down his velvet skin.
Her panties soaked through and her core throbbed. She wanted him inside her, but the way his hands gripped her thighs gave her a sense of power. He was at her mercy and lost in what she was doing to him. The feeling emboldened her.
Rising on her knees, she positioned herself over his erection. Using her free hand, she pushed her thong to the side.
“Wait.” Rye grabbed her hips and held her firm. “Leo, you need—”
“I need you inside me, Rye. I’ve needed this for so long.”
* * * *

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