Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Believe in Me, Part 3 #freeread

As promised, here’s part three of my story for the Holiday Kisses anthology. 

Leona Sharp and Ryan Lee have been friends forever, it seems. Although there’s an attraction between them, they've never acted on it. On New Year’s Eve, Leona finally allows herself to give into the temptation, but she vows that it will only be for one night and as soon as the clock strikes midnight they will put it in the past and go on as if it never happened. Ryan, however, has other plans…
* * * *
Leo gasped. The Med wasn’t anything like she expected. Not one bit.
An elegant Christmas tree sat in the center of the room and an array of fairy lights and sparkly ornaments decorated the club. Rye kept a firm grip on her waist. Her body was hyper alert. He looked hot in his dark trousers and Ralph Lauren shirt—the shirt she gave him last week.
She frowned and wondered if the dress and shoes were her presents. She’d had to dump his in his office for him to find, since she’d been snowed over with work, but he hadn’t left her anything. Every year for as long as she could remember they had exchanged gifts.
“They’ve outdone themselves this year,” Rye said.
A pang of pure envy hit her in the solar plexus so hard she almost gasped again. Rye had brought Marissa here last year. Leo gritted her teeth. She was just another number in a long line of dates that he’d taken to a place as posh as this.
His voice sliced through her pity party. She looked up to see him pointing to the ceiling. Mistletoe. Leo’s heart kicked off in a Mamba. Was he going to kiss her?
She turned to him with wide eyes, hoping and dreading he was kidding. Her gaze dropped to his lips and she fought the urge to lick hers. Goodness, what would it be like to kiss him? Her tummy sizzled thinking about it.
His grin stretched wide. “You up for it, Leo?”
Her gaze flicked up to his raised eyebrows. Eyes she could get lost in glinted with challenge and something else—something she’d never seen there before. Her stomach sank to the soles of her feet, and she shook her head frantically. No, she couldn’t go there with him. She’d just end up another number.
His face fell. Leo nabbed a glass of sparkly stuff from a passing waiter and downed it.
“Is the idea of kissing me so horrific you’ve turned to alcohol?”
Her cheeks burned and she almost chocked on the last of the fizzy wine. “Have you already made your way around the single girls in the city and kissing me is your only option left?” she countered.
His eyes blazed, and she immediately regretted the blow. It was low and stemmed from the green-eyed monster that she was.
Turning to look around at the crowd, he took hold of her arm. “This way.”
Rye pulled her through the club, stopping next to a door. Removing a key from his slacks, he opened it, tugged her into the room, and then locked the door behind them.
Her brows furrowed in confusion. “Why do you have a key?”
Uncertainty creased his forehead and fear shone from his eyes. “I hired this room for us.”
Leo took in her surroundings. It was a private sitting room filled with the same fairy lights as outside. A small bar ran across the left wall, a large leather sofa sat on the right, and directly ahead of the door was a balcony looking over the Thames. As she neared the glass doors, she saw a table framed by a patio heater. A bottle of champagne was on ice, two empty glasses on either side.
What on earth is all this for?
* * * * 

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