Thursday, 4 October 2012

Upcoming Madness!

I can’t believe October has come so soon, it feels like only yesterday I sent my manuscript off and told myself I wouldn’t refresh my inbox every five seconds. Then even less time since I signed a contract with my publisher, Beachwalk Press, for The Monster of Fame. Now, just over six months later, release day is just around the corner.

I still don’t know whether to bounce around with excitement or run away and hide (I’m swaying toward the latter).
Thankfully, I have plenty to keep me occupied and my mind off it. I’m already working on book two in the Price of Fame Series, and hope to have that to my editor by the end of the month. 
Meantime, I’m out and about in the World Wide Web. If you want the chance to win a copy of The Monster of Fame, find out a bit more about me and my shoe shopping habits, or just want to know a little more about my book, here’s the places to be.
4th October 2012
I’ll be on the Beachwalk Press Blog, sharing a little about my road to publication and my writing habits. Everyone who comments has the chance to win a copy of my book. The winner will be announced 12th October, a whole three days before it’s due to be released! 
11th October 2012
I’m over at Susie Medwell’s blog, letting her pick my brains and also giving away a copy of my book and an Amazon voucher! Pop over and say hello. :)
15th October 2012
I’ll be doing spotlights on the following blogs. Each have a Rafflecopter giveaway you can enter at the bottom for another chance to win a copy of The Monster of Fame—can you tell I’m in a generous mood? ;) Tamaria Soana, Ebook Reviewers , Ella Jade, Reviews by Molly, Melissa Keir, Kristy Centeno, Krista Ames, Whoopeeyoo,
Lacey Wolfe, Ciara Lake, Reading, Writing, and Roses 
16th October 2012
I’m over at my buddy, Amy M Newman’s blog (We’re coming up with something daft!).

18th October 2012
The Minxes of Romance are picking my brains about which of my hero’s I’d like to run off with and why. Pop on over to find out.
I’m also on tour with Sizzling PR. You can find the links and dates below.

22nd October

Mark of the Stars – Interview

23rd October 2012

Sarah Carr – Character Interview

24th October 2012

 You gotta read – Guest Blog & A Giveaway!

25th October

Decadent Decisions – Spotlight

26th October 2012

Reader Girls – Character Interview & A Giveaway

29th October 2012

Kat at the Page Flipper – Spotlight

30th October 2012

31st October 2012

Coffee Beans Love Scenes – Guest post & A Giveaway

1st November 2012

2nd November 2012

New Age Mama – Guest Blog & Giveaway

And finally, the Beachwalk Babes are releasing another Anthology. This time the theme is the holidays and my short story, entitled Believe In Me, will be part of it! The Anthology is called Holiday Kisses and every day from 22nd October, each Babe will post some of their story on their blogs (I’ll be positing Wednesdays!) for five weeks. I’ll let you know where to go shortly. 
In the meantime, hope to see you around!


  1. Wow! Are you going to be busy or what! I'm so excited for you! Congratulations a little early!

    1. Cheers Amy! And I have your email, replying sooners! x

  2. It's exciting (and exhausting) Aimee, but you're going to have a wild ride.

    1. Wild is a brilliant word for it Toni! Thanks! xx

  3. Good luck Aimee - you'll be shattered by the end of it but it will be sooo worth it! xxx

  4. Congrats, Aimee! I'm so happy for you :)

  5. Yay! Only one week to go :) Congratulations!