Monday, 15 October 2012

It’s Official!!!

Today is the official release day of The Monster of Fame. It’s been up on Amazon & Barnes & Noble since Saturday, but now it’s available all over the shop.  

Some lovely people have already read The Monster of Fame and reviewed it! Here are what some have said:-
“For anyone who loves romance, women's fiction or shows like Xfactor, this is the book for you.”
“This book was a refreshing change. Yes, it did all the things a romance does, but I especially liked the way it got to the heart of both leads.”
“The Monster of Fame is entertaining, sexy, heartwarming, and a must read in my book!”

Unwrapping Romance:

“MONSTER OF FAME by Aimée Duffy is a delightfully sweet romance with a very up-to-date feel with its reality show environment. If you're a fan of such shows as American Idol, you will definitely enjoy the background, the tension, and the nervous energy as well as some of the jealousies and back-stabbing that come into play but best of all is the falling in love that happens between Annabelle and Miles. Also, Aimée writes one of the best happily-ever-after endings and so, I will say that this romance is a successful debut novel for a talented new author who I expect to see good things from in the future.” 

And if you missed the party yesterday, I’ll leave you with a little teaser :o)

“It’s a no from me.”
The words rang again and again in Anna’s head, each time cutting her a little deeper. She straightened her spine and locked her knees to avoid falling to the floor and tried very hard to hold back the sobs bubbling up in her chest.
Anna tore her gaze away from Miles’s penetrating emerald eyes and returned her attention to an irregular floorboard in front of the judges’ table.
“Miles!” the female judge, Safri, chided. “You can’t be serious?” The incredulous note in Safri’s thick accent was obvious.
Anna looked up at Safri. Hope sparked anew. All she needed was two votes to go through. Maybe there was still a chance…
“I’m dead serious. She doesn’t have what it takes,” his deep voice rumbled.
Pain slashed across her like the lash of a whip. What did he mean? Wasn’t she pretty enough? He said she could sing!
“I disagree,” Safri said, turning to face Anna and squaring her broad, tanned shoulders. “I think you do and only an idiot would not take you through to the next round. I think you have winning potential and the star quality we’re looking for. It’s a yes from me.”
Anna managed to pull her lips into what she hoped was a grateful smile. Words still beyond her, she dragged in deep breaths through her nose to stop the tears from spilling over. From the corner of her eye she saw Miles’s brows pull down and his lips twist into a scowl as he glared at Safri.
What on earth had she done to goad such a response from him?


  1. Whoo hoo!! Way to go Aimee! I've already bought my copy! :)

  2. Great stuff! Was wondering when it would be available to download! Yey :)