Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hot Picks

I spend sooo much time searching the web and always come across some really cool stuff. I decided to start sharing the things I’m lusting after (or have bought already), two Sundays a month. I’ll call these posts Hot Picks :) 

Halloween’s coming… 
I’m not a fan of dressing up. As a kid I was awful at it. I did enjoy the trick or treating though, but that’s probably because the lovely folks of my hometown supplied us with lots of sweets! Still, I like to look at all the fabulous costumes and during one of my searches, I found this! Pumpkin Glitter nail polish!  

I absolutely adore this. The picture comes from Vampy Varnish’s blog and you can find out more here. The polish came from Rite Aid (I think it’s in the US) and I’m gutted I can’t grab myself a jar. More searching this week to find a UK store that has it is a must.

Era of the musician… 

It’s no secret that music is one of my loves, as are sexy musicians. Whether it be a rocker, Bono springs to mind (for the voice, people!), a solo-artist (Paolo Nutini *swoons*) or a band, (The Vaccines—the lead rocks white slacks), I just can’t get enough!  

So it made sense that I’d fall hard for the hero in Private Love In a Public Place. But I didn’t expect how utterly addicted I’d get to this book. Mags, the heroine, is Jules…well…everything. At the start of the book she’s married to a complete asshole and spends all her time on tour with Jules, away from the horrid hubby. They separate fairly quickly, and it’s easy to see Mags unable to resist Jules’ magnetism. Truth is, he is hard work, a little bit wild, but he steps up and takes control after something happens to threaten the tour and I could see from early on that he cared about Mags. He wants to take care of her. 

This book is fast paced, touching and as addictive as the drugs some members of the crew take. Private Love In a Public place gives an in depth behind the scenes look at rockers on tour and there’s so much going on I didn’t want to stop reading! If you fancy grabbing yourself a copy, you can find it here:- 

I want that dress…
Last week Tulisa rocked a white dress on the XFactor. I don’t know who the designer was, but can take a guess that its way out of my price range. I’ve hunted and searched the interweb for something similar since the party season’s coming up and this is what I’ve found.  

This little Adrienne Dress by Jones and Jones is half price in Top Shop just now (UK) and at £30 it’s a steal! If you live outside the UK ASOS has lots of gorgeous alternatives.
Happy shopping :)


  1. Aimee..behave yourself. Have restraint. Or there will be no telling what you want in your Christmas stocking.

    1. Sheanne, it's probably best I don't write about the things I'd like in my Christmas stocking :)