Saturday, 15 September 2012

The End. Or is it?

The short answer, no.

I promised to come back and share some of what I’ve learned since I began my writing career, have been through the editing process and finished the story which was requested by an editor I’ve been working with at RIVA, Mills and Boon, and I will. Promise.

I had six weeks to write Ric & Alexa’s story, after the partial had been approved with a few minor revisions which were easy enough to fix. Last week when I typed ‘The End’ 4k over the limit I thought bugger, I have to cut. So off I went, chopping additional threads and conflict that I didn’t think were necessary. I’d drafted an epilogue because I rushed through the ending, thinking I’d run out of words. Big mistake.

Now that I’ve re-read the last chapter, I realise that I haven’t made the ending all it could be. Hearts and emotions are on the line, my characters do have to deal with their issues, but I noticed I’ve glossed over the resolution. All through the story, I’ve shown their irritation, their spark, them falling in love. But the end feels…crap.

So, I’ll have to abandon my poor blog yet again and slog over the last chapter, draw out their suffering, their anxiety. Make them work harder for their HEA, ‘cause let’s face it, love isn’t easy. Neither is forever. A romance shouldn’t be any different.

Catch you all soon.




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