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Interview with a YA Author, Amy M Newman!

I have my good friend Amy Newman on my blog today, talking about her writing process, world building, how she gets her ideas and which she would prefer, shoe shopping or getting in a few extra hours writing!

Thank you for agreeing to let me pick your brains Amy!

Me: How did you come up with the idea for Drive Back the Darkness? (Love that title by the way!) 
Amy: Every one of my story ideas starts with what I call a spark; a character, a small bit of plot or dialogue, a situation, something that intrigues me. In this case, I had a dream about a girl who was taken from her home and forced to fight for something she wasn’t entirely sure she believed in. The dream was actually a nightmare. I’ve had horrible, vivid nightmares since I was very small. At least now I’m able to do something with all that scariness! The dream is just a starting point of course. It can take several months to develop that spark into a full-blown plot.

Me: Can you tell us a bit about your writing process?
Amy: Like I said before, all my stories start with a spark. In this case, it was the idea of Ellie and the inciting event of the story. The next step is to do detailed character biographies. This can take up to a month, or even longer, depending on the amount of characters there are. For me, I can’t begin writing until I really know the characters, their entire back-stories, the events in their lives that shaped them, etc. Even then, when the book is done, I go back and rewrite parts because I almost always know the character better by the end, and I realize they wouldn’t have acted the way I had them act.
The next step for this book was world building. More on that in the next question! Then, I write. I try to write most days, aiming for around 1,200 words a day. I can’t remember exactly, but I think the rough draft of this book took six to eight months to write, which was longer then normal. At the time though, I was expecting my first son. 

The next step after that is revision. Based on the advice of family, friends, and my trusted critique partner (thank you, Aimee!), I revised, revised, revised. I think I went through three or four drafts before I started sending it out. Then, you polish, polish, polish. When I signed with Michele Rubin, my agent, she actually told me on the phone that she appreciated how much I had polished my manuscript and how professional it was. That was for my second book, a dark, contemporary YA novel. For all you aspiring writers out there, do not send your manuscript out until it is done!
Me: You’ve created a very convincing world in this book, how did you manage that?
Amy: Alladon is a semi-medieval, magical place that is being overrun by evil. It has become filled with dark and dangerous predators (human, animal, and supernatural).

I actually love world building, and did a very in-depth analysis of Alladon. I started by drawing maps, because I knew that Ellie would be journeying across the kingdom and didn’t want to get mixed up about where the mountains, forests, and villages were.
The next step was figuring out the actual structure of the country. In much the same way that I make character biographies, I made “biographies” for the social structure, the governmental structure, and the magical system. I made detailed “biographies” of the flora and fauna, and made sure it seemed like a supportable system. The trick to making a world seem real is making sure that it works. Large animals must have a sustainable food source, magic has to have rules, the nation has to have a way of policing itself, etc. The world building by itself took me three months. :) 

Me: Yikes, that’s probably why I don’t write YA. Hard work :D. I know you write romance too. What is your favourite genre to write?
Amy: While I love to read romance, I like writing YA better. I feel like there isn’t enough room to stretch as a writer in romance. There are so many rules that you can’t break and only so many directions you can take your plot. On top of that, I’ve never been very comfortable writing love scenes. However, all my stories have a romantic element to them. A story isn’t satisfying to me if it doesn’t involve love. And I also love to read romance, especially historical romances. Sometimes, I just have to take a break from all the heavy stuff!
Me: How long have you been writing?

Amy: I started writing twelve years ago, but didn’t finish my first full manuscript until five years ago. Then, I slogged away for another four years, collecting rejections, before I signed with a publisher, and then an agent. 
Me: Congrats on the agent & contract! What advice can you give to writers just starting out?
Amy: I actually have two pieces of advice:

1. Don’t ever give up. I firmly believe that if you are tenacious enough, if you are willing to learn, and if you just keep writing, you will eventually be published. This book is the third manuscript I wrote; the first two will probably never see the light of day. Before them, I started and stopped another three manuscripts, probably about 60,000 words total. These weren’t a waste of time though; I learned the lessons I needed to learn to be published. The fourth manuscript that I wrote is the one that landed me my agent, Michele Rubin of Writers House.

2. Read, read, read. Read everything; books in your genre, books not in your genre, non-fiction and fiction, literary classics, writing references and manuals. Read anything and everything that interests you. Read what repulses you. Read, dissect, and analyze the novels that move you the most.
 I honestly feel that this is the only way to truly become a writer. Sure it helps to be born with talent. Yeah, it’s great if you have an MFA. But the only way you’ll ever really learn to write, is to read.

Me: I completely agree! I’ve been dying to know, who designed your gorgeous cover?
Amy: Amanda Kelsey. She’s one of the artists who work with Etopia Press, my publisher. They have an award winning cover art department and I think it shows. I couldn’t be happier with my cover!

Me: It’s fabulous! So, how do you balance writing and life with a young son and a baby on the way? I struggle without those commitments!

Amy: Well, to be honest, I’ve been struggling lately too! It was a lot easier before I got pregnant again. I’d write (or network) during naptime, and sometimes before he woke up in the morning. Since I’ve been expecting our second baby, it’s gotten a lot harder. I’m tired all the time, so sometimes I need to nap when my son naps. I have a bunch of other stuff I’ve been going through right now too, and I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. Because of that, I’m actually hoping to take a break for a month or so before the baby comes. After that, I’ll have to just play it by ear.
Me. I hope you get the chance for that break! You deserve it :) Given the opportunity to go shoe shopping (at someone else’s expense, of course) or write for a few extra hours, which would you choose? 
Amy: Shoe shopping! Writing is important, but it’s also important to take time for yourself every now and then or you’ll go insane. Since I’m the primary caregiver for my son, I don’t get to do much shopping right at the moment. My main way of relaxing now is reading a good book while he’s asleep.
I’d pick shoe shopping too! Thank you so much Amy for taking time out to share with us.
Here’s a bit more about her new release and an excerpt to whet your appetite!

On her sixteenth birthday, Ellie Lyons discovers her entire life has been a lie. She’s kidnapped from her home and left in Alladon, a kingdom controlled by an evil man named Morfan, a kingdom that she was born to rule. 
Ellie reluctantly faces the impossible tasks confronting her; like learning to control the magic that now roars through her and burns everything she touches, training to become a lethal warrior, or dealing with the fact that Devin, the guy she is irresistibly attracted to, is actually one of the assassins sent by Morfan to kill her. 
Devin has a troubled past; he has spent the last five years tracking the person who murdered his family. He is dark, dangerous, and deadly serious, but Ellie can see the core of kindness shining deep within him, as well as the fear of getting hurt again that makes him push people away. Though Ellie knows her life might be at stake, she can’t seem to stay away from him, even as her feelings become strong enough that they begin to scare her.
Vance, the second assassin and Devin’s best friend, is the opposite of Devin; blonde, charming, seductive. But his heart holds a kernel of darkness, one that makes him dangerously unstable, especially after he realizes that he has feelings for Ellie, feelings he knows Ellie doesn’t share. 
Ellie can’t let her emotions for the two men cloud her focus, her quest to remove Morfan from power. When Ellie discovers that the children of Alladon have been imprisoned in a secret factory, Ellie knows she can’t fight her destiny any longer. She must claim her rightful place as princess and fight Morfan, or surrender and be slaughtered. Will she be able to survive long enough to save her people from the Darkness?
Two weeks ago
Something was wrong. The tingle at the base of Ellie’s spine told her so, long before she heard the sound of footsteps on the cement behind her. The bright fall sunshine crackled with danger. Something was very, very wrong.
Ellie’s hands began to shake. She wrapped them around the straps of her backpack and walked a little faster. Her home was only a few blocks away. She could make it a few blocks, couldn’t she?
There. Another footstep. Whoever was behind her had sped up too. Ellie took a deep breath and glanced over her shoulder. The woman behind Ellie smiled. Ellie’s arms went limp, and her backpack thudded to the sidewalk. For a brief second, her blood froze in her veins. Then, she ran.
The air around her seemed to thicken, holding her back. She pushed through it, desperate to get away from the monster behind her. She ran as fast as she could, blind to everything around her. If Ellie didn’t get away, she knew she was dead. She could hear the woman running behind her, the light footfalls on the cement, the rustle of her black leather coat. The woman was toying with her, like a cat with a mouse.
There. There was her house. Her heart thudded fast and thick, struggling against waves of hot, sticky panic. Ellie’s legs trembled underneath her, and her stomach pitched. She had to make it. She put on one last burst of speed, jumped the three porch steps, and hammered on the door.
Ellie’s mom pulled open the door. “Goodness, Ellie! Did you lose your key?” 
Ellie pushed her inside, kicked the door shut, and turned the dead bolt. She stared at the woman on the other side of the glass. She was still smiling. And every one of her teeth was as sharp and pointed as a dagger.
Chapter One 

Today was like every other day of Ellie’s life except for two things: one, it was her sixteenth birthday, and two, she was being stalked. Ellie gnawed on a thumbnail, the sharp, rusty flavor of blood filling her mouth. She had never been a nail biter, but she was now. It seemed to help the constant panic fluttering in her chest. She glanced at the window, a shiver snaking down her back. She knew the woman was out there, waiting.
“Eleanora Lyons.” Mr. Smith, Ellie’s history teacher, called her name. Ellie slid out of her desk, her too-pale legs flashing like sticks of chalk under her swirly skirt, a fact that would have bothered her two weeks ago. Now, it no longer seemed important. She took her test from him, not even bothering to cover the big red A+ with her fingers, like she would have before.
“Freak,” Chris, the quarterback of the football team, fake coughed the words.
Ellie sighed and then glanced at his paper, which had a D inked across the top.
She sat down in her seat, almost too tired to deal with him. Almost. “At least I’m a freak that can manage to remember basic facts.”
Chris frowned and flexed his big, beefy fingers. “Watch yourself, nerd-girl. You don’t want to tick me off.”
Ellie ignored him. She used to wonder why they picked on her, running all the possible reasons through her mind. Maybe it was because she ruined the grade curve, or maybe it was because her skin was so pale you could see her veins through it, when the other girls were all shades of gold. Maybe it was because she had a monster following her like a puppy dog. Somehow, Ellie couldn’t bring herself to care anymore.
The bell shrilled through the room. She shot to her feet and then crashed to the floor, courtesy of the backpack strap that had wound itself around her leg. Apparently, panic made her a bit of a klutz. Laughter echoed behind her as she stumbled to her locker, stuffed a bunch of books into her bag, and then sprinted down the hall. She had to make it outside while there was still a crowd of kids milling around.
The sunshine dazzled her eyes, and she blinked frantically, her heartbeat thudding in her ears. She didn’t see the woman, but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t there.
As she started the jog toward home, dead, dry leaves rustled under her feet sounding like creepy voices whispering at her.
“Come on, Ellie, get a grip,” she muttered. She took a deep breath, crouched down, and pretended to check the strap on her sandal. She glanced behind her. The woman let Ellie see her for just a second, before disappearing. A shiver prickled her skin, and she began to run.  

Phew, an average girl thrown into a world and responsibilities she'd never dreamt of, falling for one of her assassins plus a potential love triangle! I’d be right over to Amazon if I didn’t already have it ;) 
And here’s where you can find Amy and her book!

Twitter: @theliterarymom

You can find Drive Back the Darkness at Amazon here.
You can find Drive Back the Darkness at Barnes and Noble here.

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What I’ve learned so far, part one

Since release day is looming, I’m going on a virtual tour and hosting a score of fab authors, these posts will be crammed in sporadically! I promise to do them as close together as possible.
The first thing I learned was that I really couldn’t fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants with every single thing about the story!
I’ll take you back in time, to New Voices 2011, when the first version of Isle of Sensuality was finally penned. I thought it was fabulous, I loved the hot fling between Caitlyn & Jake on the Island, but my story didn’t place. I honestly didn’t care. The amount of fabulous entries made me realise a thing or two about my own writing and the feedback I got on the first chapter was priceless. After the top twenty-one was announced, I submitted a revised partial and synopsis to Mills & Boon. 
Fast forward to January 2012 and I received a revise and resubmit from the editor. With it, she enclosed very helpful worksheets and character profile sheets suggesting that I use them to hammer down who my hero and heroine really were. I did, re-wrote the whole thing again like a mad woman, then sent off another three chapters and synopsis. 
It still wasn’t quite right and she pointed out a few inconsistences with character motivation, predictability and plot issues. Having it spelled out made me see where I went wrong. After a few chats we decided to move onto a different story, aiming it for RIVA, but she asked that I send a one page synopsis outlining conflict, motivations and character development. 
It was the best thing I ever did. I’d plotted out The Monster of Fame for NanoWriMo due to the nature of the story (its set during a reality singing completion) and as a result, it didn’t need much in the way of revising. 
So the most important thing I’ve learned so far is to really get to know my characters before I begin writing instead of learning who they are as I go along. This helps give me a better idea of how to push each character to their emotional limits, what they’re most scared of and what will break them. I know this doesn’t work for everyone, but it certainly helped me with Flirting With Trouble.
Next time, I’ll let you all know what I’ve learned through professional edits. 

Misty Burke, The Midnight Cup & A Giveaway!

I’m thrilled to welcome Evernight Author, Misty Burke to my blog today to share a sneak peak of her newest release, The Midnight Cup. Plus Misty is giving away a copy of her book. Just enter the Rafflecopter at the end of this post for your chance to win!

The Midnight Cup by Misty Burke

The Midnight Cup is a story that follows the romance between a white witch and her man … turned slayer … turned vampire … turned soul mate.

Marcus McKinney is a trained member of the Society and a vampire slayer. With an ancient hieroglyphic tattoo to ward off his own personal demons, he travels to a small college town in the Midwest. It is here that he finds The Midnight Cup. A quaint coffee house with a backroom … filled with vampires.

The owner of this little establishment is Serenity Baker. She is a Natural. With her long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, she is a beautiful white witch that offers light magic with a simple touch. It is this power that draws the coven of vampires to her small coffee shop which in turn brings Marcus into her life.

The Midnight Cup tells their story amidst a brewing war. With a circle of witches, a coven of vampires, and a league of Society members, who knows what could happen next.   


Standing in the moonlight, he watched the neon sign blink in the window of the coffee house across the street. College kids came and went around him. Yet none seemed to notice his presence. The stranger had spent years learning to blend into the shadows.

The night hours slowly passed. It wasn’t until he could feel the coming dawn that he strode across the street and walked inside. Only a few students were left as he took a seat at a corner table. He was keenly aware that the backroom was now empty and this fact pleased the woman behind the counter.

Oddly though, she hadn’t stopped staring at him since he entered. The delicate beauty could somehow see through his shades of practiced darkness and it unnerved him. The tattoo that circled his left bicep felt like it tightened. 

They locked eyes as she approached. “What are you?” She leaned in and pretended to wipe down his table.

“I was just wondering the same thing about you.” She reminded him of a skittish foal.  He reached out to touch her hand and she jerked back.

“Is that why you’re here?” Looking hurt, then angry, she motioned to the door. “Get out.”

“You’ve got this all wrong.” The stranger shook his head in confusion and then pointed toward the red curtain. “I’m here to help you with your little…problem.”

She froze and gave him a long, hard look. “I’ll ask you again. What are you?”

He pulled a large wooden stake out of his trench coat and laid it on the table. “I’m a slayer.”

She sat down at his table and spoke with soft, hesitant words. “Are you part of the Society?”

The question hung in the air as he watched tiny sparkles of gold dance in her light blue eyes. Unknowingly, he reached for her again. The jolt of electricity that followed caused him to take in a quick breath of air. The surge was sudden and left warmth. Staring down at their point of contact, his large hand covering hers, he smiled in awe. “I’m Marcus McKinney. And yes, I’m with the Society.”

“Then you know I’m a natural,” she paused only a moment, “don’t you?”

The glowing warmth evaporated as quickly as it had arrived. In one fluid motion, he disconnected from her and picked up the stake. Damn it, Josh. This was not in your report. He hid the weapon back in the folds of his trench coat and questioned his next move. There wasn’t supposed to be any other paranormal element. The Society might care, but his fight was only with the vampires. This white witch was not his problem.

The woman across from him looked so innocent. “Whatever it is that causes your heart to darken…”

The slayer pushed back his chair and stood. “Let’s get this straight. I’ve no interest in your natural magic or your pity. My assignment is only the coven of vampires you harbor. Don’t get in my way.” 

Serenity didn’t have to watch him leave. She could feel it. This slayer, with his curly brown hair and eyes the color of dark chocolate, had an aura she hadn’t experienced before. It was more complex and torn than the simplicity of a human. Yet it didn’t have the vast emptiness of the vampire either. His soul was different, unique, hidden in shadow. Marcus McKinney was circled with a deep fog. There were layers to this man she just couldn’t see and that intrigued her.

In fact, she couldn’t think of much else as she closed up the coffee shop. Even after saying goodbye to her staff and locking the doors, she couldn’t get him out of her mind. It was clear to her that his fight with Ivan’s clan was personal. For he might be shaped like a slayer, with years of physical training, but there was more to him than that. Marcus wasn’t just another Society drone. He couldn’t be.

Author Bio:
My name is Misty Burke and I live in the Romantic Ozark Mountains with my supportive husband and our four wonderful children. When I'm not enjoying family time, I love to write steamy romances. Creating exciting fantasy worlds filled with dangerously handsome heroes is one of my passions.
My favorite writing quote is ...
The best time for planning a book is while you're doing the dishes.  ~Agatha Christie

 Author Links:  Site     Facebook
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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I hit submit!

Finally, after five and a half weeks of writing, revising, editing—then after my lovely crit partners Michelle and Incy (superstars) read it over, revising again—I sent the full manuscript off to RIVA! Let the nail biting begin!

Ric & Alexa’s story was so fun to write that I didn’t regret or stress over a second of it. Giving them their happy ever after almost made me cry. I’m so in love with Alexa, she’s so bubbly, outspoken and headstrong that I knew I had to find a hero who could help tame her—Enrique (aka Ric) seemed the perfect candidate.

After growing up on the streets of Madrid, Ric’s heart grew hard and he didn’t know how to let anyone in. His life is strict, regimented and in Alexa’s opinion, absolutely boring! But beneath the surface he hides secrets and pain that only the couple who gave him a home know about.

If you would like a sneak peak at how these two met, I entered the first chapter into SYTYCW and you can view it here. Beware though, the beginning contains a scantily dressed heiress partaking in a crazy dare that leads to trouble. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The entry is called Flirting With Trouble which I think describes Ric & Alexa’s story perfectly.

In other news, it’s only 18 days until the release of The Monster of Fame, and I really must hammer down with the second in the series.

I’ll be back in a bit with info on tours and giveaways so stay tuned! ;)



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Crimson Author, D'Ann Lindun is in the spotlight today!

Welcome D’Ann Lindun. Read on to find out more about her new release, Shot Through the Heart. It looks brilliant!


Shot Through the Heart by D’Ann Lindun

When Laramie Porter’s sister-in-law Julie is beaten so badly by her husband she miscarries her baby, Laramie takes her home from the hospital. But just a few minutes after the women arrive home, Julie’s husband, who also happens to be a drug addict and the local police sheriff, shows up at the house on a murderous rampage.
 He kills Julie and attempts to murder Laramie. When he doesn’t succeed, he hauls them into the mountains and throws them off a cliff. Julie’s body lands in a pond, but Laramie hits a ledge, where she perches, terrified.

 Derrick Garrison is in the mountains moving his cattle when his dog finds Julie’s body in the pond. Creeped out, Derrick at first doesn’t believe his ears when he hears a girl crying for help. But he finds Laramie and pulls her to safety. Before she can tell him anything, a lightning strike starts a forest fire and they flee to a hidden valley.

 Fleeing a drug hazed killer, the fire, and a gun-toting old lady bent on collecting a reward, Laramie and Derrick do their best to evade all three . . . and fall in love along the way.

They rode on for what seemed like hours. At times, she couldn’t even see Nightmare’s haunches as they moved through the mist. But she knew they were moving down by the way Pale slid his hindquarters under him. Foggy cloud whispered across her face, soft as a mother’s touch. Laramie’s heart raced so hard she feared passing out. “Think of Mom and Dad and what this will do them.”
            He ignored her.
             “Daddy’s already so bad off, this will finish him.” Laramie’s voice broke as she thought about her father, living in a Denver nursing home, his body broken by a tractor accident.
            Finally, Lawrence stopped and dismounted at a spot in the trail wide enough for the three horses.
             “Oh, God. Thank you.” Laramie was so relieved that she’d finally broken through to her brother, she almost fell off Pale. Her hands had gone so numb she feared them never working right again. But her relief turned to terror when Lawrence untied Julie and lifted her body off Dancer’s back. With no show of emotion whatsoever, he carried her to the edge of the trail.
             “No, Lawrence!”
            Hefting her high, he let go.
            Far below, the sound of Julie’s body crashing into the rocks reached them.
            Laramie’s screams reverberated through the mountains, bouncing from peak to peak.     Frantic, she fought the leather binding her to the saddle. This cannot be happening. Please, please let me wake up!  Pale danced dangerously close to the edge. Her movements were going to cause Pale to fall with her, dragging Dancer and Nightmare with them. Laramie froze.
            Lawrence turned and walked toward her. She shook her head from side to side.                            “Lawrence. You’re my big brother. You don’t want to do this.”
            Like a robot, he untied her as she sobbed and begged.
            As blood rushed back into her tingling hands, the pain became unbearable. She couldn’t
lift them to fight back when Lawrence unloaded her from Pale. She kicked at him, but he dodged her feeble attempts and carried her toward the same place he’d dumped Julie. Tears poured down her face as Laramie twisted and kicked, but nothing seemed to faze Lawrence. “Please listen to me. Think of what this will do to your career,” Laramie begged. “This will destroy it.”
            As if he couldn’t hear her, he dangled her above the clouds below. Unable to hold on, Laramie was helpless. She tried to connect with Lawrence through her eyes, but he showed no sign of emotion, no remorse.
             “Don’t,” she pleaded just before he let go.

Author Bio:

Falling in love with romance novels the summer before sixth grade, D’Ann Lindun never thought about writing one until many years later when she took a how-to class at her local college. She was hooked! She began writing and never looked back. Romance appeals to her because there's just something so satisfying about writing a book guaranteed to have a happy ending. D’Ann’s particular favorites usually feature cowboys and the women who love them. This is probably because she draws inspiration from the area where she lives, Western Colorado, her husband of twenty-nine years and their daughter. Composites of their small farm, herd of horses, five Australian shepherds, a Queensland heeler, eight ducks and cats of every shape and color often show up in her stories!
Site      Facebook    Goodreads

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The Look Challenge - with knickers and tattoos

I’ve been tagged in the Look Challenge by the very talented Susie Medwell, author of Forfeit and Freefalling w/a Zara Stoneley. You can read my review of the latter, here.

The aim of the game is to search for the first instance of the word ‘look’ in your current wip and post this together with the surrounding paragraphs. Then I’ve to inflict this madness onto five others—fun times!

Okay, so my first look is a treble dunter from the full I’m writing for Riva (will revise out some of these laters). After being dared to run around a floor in an expensive hotel in Marbella in her underwear, Alexa ends up in Enrique Castillo’s penthouse in her knickers. :D

The sound of the footsteps drifted away, followed by the click of a door closing. Adrenaline roared through her veins. This was her only chance. Pushing away from the wall, she rounded the lift, desperately seeking an escape. She barely noticed the plush furnishings, soft-looking leather sofas and floor to wall window which showcased the most spectacular view she’d ever seen. Instead she focused on the walls surrounding the elevator.
Looking for something?”
The heavily accented voice froze her feet to the spot. She darted a glance toward the sound. Dark brows furrowed over the richest coloured eyes she’d seen. His gaze swept over the length of her body, then up, lingering on her rear for a beat too long. Her skin tingled under his scrutiny.
Turning her whole body to face him, she slapped a hand on her hip. “Had a good enough look?”
His lips quirked in a sexy, lopsided grin. The jitters were back, and Alexa swore the temperature in the room shot up ten degrees. Her gaze dropped to his broad shoulders, covered in a thin white tee-shirt, then down to a well filled chest. She could see a dark pattern above his pec. She longed to find out what kind of tattoo he had. Usually, tats didn’t do it for her. But on that chest… 

And now for those poor sods I’m going to tag:  

Melissa Blue—no dodging, I know you can hear me.
Michelle Smart (‘cause I know how much you love being tagged) 

*rubs hands together and cackles*

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Naughty Little Bedtime Stories, Review & a Giveaway

Naughty Little Bedtime Stories by Tamaria Soana

Bedtime stories that will heat up your night

Naughty Little Bedtime Stories contains twelve short stories that will arouse your senses. You’ll find stories that contain light bondage, food play, ménage (m/m/f), and other erotic events. Each story has a different setting and couple who explore all things naughty in and out of the bedroom.

Content Warning: adult language, graphic sexual situations

Author Bio
Tamaria Soana is middle aged, but just feels like her life has begun. She resides in Western New York. Cuddling up with a good book under an electric throw has always been her way to escape the cold Buffalo nights. Growing up she always loved to write, mainly short stories and poetry. She's married with two beautiful young girls and one very spoiled lab mix.
You can find Tamaria on line at these following places:

My Review
Naughty Little Bedtime stories is a compilation of twelve very hot stories to blow your socks off.
I’ve picked three of my favourites to review, but I have to stress that none of them disappointed!
New Year’s Eve Ball
This is written from Jeffrey’s perspective and I loved his ‘voice’. He’s been persuaded to attend a ball with his sister and brother now that his marriage is officially over. His mind wanders and he ends up having a steamy fantasy about a woman. His one liner thoughts are fab!
Spicing Things Up
Tina is asked to join her friend Marc and his lover, Rick in the bedroom. She’s intrigued by the idea and joins them for some hawt m/m/f fun. I really liked this, because I could relate to every character. Marc and Rick are so clearly in love, and the friendship between Marc and Tina isn’t rocked by their flamin’ tryst. I could read this one again and again.
This is exactly what is say’s on the tin. Chad’s away on business, and the story kicks off with a bout of phone sex which throws you right into the couple’s desperation for each other. Chad dominates the conversation and it takes you from phwoar to knock-your-socks-off instantly. When he whisks Ava away on vacation, they can’t last the two hour drive and the anticipation had me on the edge of my seat. A very steamy scene on the hood of the car is the perfect way to top the story off, as well as some emotional surprises along the way.
As I said before, none of the twelve disappointed. This is a smokin’ read worthy of a second, third, and maybe fourth read. I sometimes find in short stories they lack emotion, but Tamaria’s definitely don’t! Can’t wait for her next release.

And now for the giveaway!
a Rafflecopter giveaway