Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Expect the Unexpected

Ever had that feeling that you’re drowning? Suffocating. Panic tightening your throat as you come closer and closer to deadlines? Yeah? That is exactly how I’ve felt the last few weeks.

I’ve severely neglected my blog, give or take a few fabulous spotlights by fellow authors, but other than that, I’ve been too swamped.

Everything seems to be happening NOW and it’s all urgent and needs dealt with yesterday. All my social networks have gone down the pan, my social life is non-existent and sleep…sleep is something I used to do.

Can I just say this is not an ‘aw poor me’ post. I’m chuffed to bits and wouldn’t change a thing for the world!

So why am I feeling like this? Well…

First up, I had my final line revisions for my October release, The Monster of Fame. But, my editor did mention it was the last chance I had to change anything so, of course, I read it meticulously. Twice.

Then, I received edits on my other (we’ll say January) release, Isle of Sensuality. I’ve to get these back in three weeks. It’s been so long since I’ve read this, and can’t wait to get stuck in to Cait & Jake’s story. Unfortunately, that’s not all I have on just now…

My lovely editor at Mills & Boon approved the partial I’ve been working on for RIVA, and the full is due by the end of September! Alexa & Enrique’s (Ric) story is set in Marbella, and Alexa is mid-girlie holiday. She’s a bit wild, very bubbly and doesn’t have much of a filter on what comes out of her mouth. Needless to say, I already love her! Ric’s a bit harder to peg, but he’s a work-a-holic, has a shady past and needs a PA for the next month. After ending up in her knickers in his penthouse, then embarrassing him at a glam charity doo when he’s networking, Ric decides to punish Alexa with the role as his dogsbody. Still ironing out the details on this one, but having such fun writing it!

Oh, and I can’t forget Never Say Never, the second book in The Price of Fame series (The Monster of Fame being the first). I’m having a tough time getting to know Sander. He’s emotionally shut off—or so he thinks—but his actions contradict his thoughts. I love Chloe, the heroine. I’m really getting to grips with her as a character. She’s kind, self-less, but still has hang-ups and flaws. I can’t wait to get dug into their story, but looks like it will have to go on the back burner for a while.

So, lots to do and so little time! Thought I’d stop by and let folks know I’m alive though! Will come up with a spectacular post soon though, full of wonderful advice and everything I’ve learned thus far. Promise :o)



  1. Excuse me Missus, but you can forget about any more blog posts until you finish Ric and Alexa!

    1. On it! :D Giving poor Ric a break, left off in his POV and Alexa was pushing him over the edge. Poor guy xxx

  2. Well done! I'm addicted to Mills & Boon stories. And it's not long now until The Monster of Fame gets released, bet your counting down the days! :) x

    1. Definitely. I check in with my timer (courtesy of the multi-talented Tamaria Soana) every day :D x