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Interview with S.R. Cole & a sneak peak of The Bodyguard's Secret Baby!

I’m excited to have Stace (otherwise known as S R Cole) on my blog today. Stace has been lovely enough to agree to answer some questions to help us get to know her a little better. Plus, a never-before seen sneak peak at The Bodyguard’s Secret Baby at the end of the interview. Congratulations on the new release :o)

Thank you Aimee, I’m very excited to be here and I’m thrilled to be able to share an exclusive except of The Bodyguard’s Secret Baby with you.
Welcome Stace, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Gosh, what would you like to know? I’m one of five children and grew up in Middlesex and West Sussex. I have three amazing daughters who keep me rushed off my feet and steal my Ben & Jerry’s.  I’m completely addicted to Coke. No, not that sort of Coke – I’m talking about the fizzy stuff in the red tins. Oh, and like half of the world’s female population, I’m obsessed with Mr Grey!
When did you decide you wanted to be a writer and why?

I’ve enjoyed writing since I was ten, but it wasn’t until I became an adult that I really got into it. I started writing fan-fic that I just kept to myself and then I was blessed when I became friends with two extraordinary writers, Shirley Jump and Melissa McClone. They inspired me, encouraged and taught me all I needed to know to get started.
What is your favourite genre to write?

I love writing romance, but that of course covers a wide variety of subjects. I love heroes who are really heroes; bodyguards, fire-fighters, doctors, sexy FBI guys, that sort of thing. I also love romance with baby stories as a sub plot, but I think that’s because I’m broody.
Where did the inspiration for The Bodyguard’s Secret Baby come from?

Honestly? Kevin Costner! To me, he’ll always be “The Bodyguard.” Strong, sexy, determined, yet not so self-controlled when it comes to his love life, I love it! When you combine that with his roll of Robin of Locksley, where he charges in and saves the day, he becomes the perfect alpha male. And something about him just screams cowboy! I also love the fact that like all good alpha males, he just gets sexier as her gets older.

 Plus, I love cowboy stories, bodyguard stories, secret baby stories and medical romances, so writing TBSB allowed me to combine all of the things I love in one book.
Can you tell us a little more about ‘Wild Bill Williams’ & Carrie Carlton?

Carrie is a doctor from Los Angeles and grew up in foster care. She treated Bill, who has a double life as a rancher and a bodyguard, after he was shot. They shared a connection and a passionate weekend together, but never kept in touch. Just three weeks away from her due date with the child she had never told Bill they’d conceived, Carrie turns up on his doorstep in need of his protective services and a father for their baby.
How do you go about creating characters?

I basically decide on their names and their careers and that’s it. I love to fly by the seat of my pants when I write, so it let them evolve naturally as I go along.
Do you have any bad writing habits?

Too many! The worst of which is that I use writing to avoid what I should be doing, such as the laundry and the vacuuming. I’m also lazy about checking my work as I go along, so when it comes to doing my edits, I have hundreds of typos to fix!
What do you much on at your desk?

Ha! What desk? My desk is my bed. I like to sit cross-legged at my laptop on the bed and blast Spotify as I write. At the moment it has on it (apart from my butt and my laptop) a set of speakers, my BlackBerry, my Kindle and a half eaten tub of Cadbury’s Philadelphia!
Do you prefer Alpha’s or Beta’s?

Alpha’s for sure!
Any advice to other writers still seeking a home for their manuscript?

My biggest piece of advice would be to follow your heart and believe in yourself. If you submit to one publishing house and they don’t accept it, don’t feel too disappointed. There are plenty more out there. I was turned down a few times by major publishing houses. Though I have to say, each time I got rejected, I got excited. It didn’t matter that my books were being turned down, what mattered was that I was living my dream and getting feedback that helped me learn and grow as a writer.  I kept writing and kept submitting and was finally offered a contract – which I actually turned down after becoming determined to go it alone.

Don’t forget, there are great competitions and events out there for aspiring writers Such as Mills and Boon: New Voices and The Festival of Romance. Also Shirley Jump ( runs some excellent writers workshops that allow you to improve your technique and be critiqued by a best-selling author.

My other piece of advice would be not to rush. Yes, I can write an entire book in three weeks, but that doesn’t mean you have too. Everyone works at their own pace and you need to feel comfy with the pace you’re at. So if it takes three weeks or three years to complete your MS, it doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy what you’re writing and remain true to your voice.

Thanks Stace! I agree that everyone should write at a pace that feels comfortable to them. I can get a book finished in a month or three depending on other commitments. Although I admit the one done in a month needs a helluva lot of edits ;o)

Now for a little more about S.R. Cole and a never before seen (unless you’ve already read it of course!) sneak peak of The Bodyguard’s Secret Baby!

S. R. Cole has always been a huge lover of romantic fiction. She loves nothing more than curling up with a good book and falling in love with a sexy hero. The biggest heroes in her life though, don’t come from romance novels. They’re neither sexy cowboys nor gun wielding bodyguards. They are however, two amazing men from America, called Ben &Jerry!

A mum with three lovely butoh-so-cheeky daughters, Cole spends her days playing hide and seek, baking cookies and scrapbooking with her girls.

By night, she curls up under the duvet, with her laptop and a glass of something naughty and competes with herself to beat the previous day’s word count as she creates her own perfect heroes.

Cole would love to hear from you. Why not stop by her website for a glimpse into her crazy but wonderful world.
Twitter - @WriterStace

  "Hey Bill," Carrie said without turning around.

            “How did you know I was there?" He asked, amusement clear in his voice.

            Carrie turned and smiled. "Lucky guess." Bill frowned and Carrie laughed. "I could feel you."

            "Carrie-" Bill warned, histone no longer amused but dangerous and low. Sexy.

            Carrie sighed she knew what he was going to say. "Look Bill, don't get your gut in a knot, it's no big deal. We made love, it doesn't mean you have to marry me."

            Bill reached for her and pulled her close to him. He slid a hand between them and laid it to rest on her belly. "No, but this might," he growled softy into her ear.

            Carrie's breath caught in her throat and she tried to step back but Bill pressed her into the door frame.

            "Things are very dangerous for you right now Carrie," Bill warned.

             "I... I know," Carrie stammered, her hands pressed against his hard masculine chest. "That's why I came here."

            Bill pressed himself closer against her and tingles shot through her every nerve ending. No man had ever affected her the way Wild Bill Williams did. He smelt so good, like warm, spicy aftershave and a hint of the raw man underneath. Carrie wanted to bury herself in his throat and drink in his scent until she drowned in it.

                        "I'm not talking about the threat on your life," Bill breathed. "I'm talking about you, being here with me."


  1. *fans self* Damn hot snippet Stace! I look forward to reading the rest! X

    1. Much agreed, this book is most definitely on my to buy list!

    2. Thank you so much ladies. I had a lot of fun writing this scene. :) xx

  2. Fab blog and interview Aimee and Stace!! I admit I have a soft spot for Kevin too! :-) x