Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Wrong Direction

And I'm not talking about the boy band!

Have you ever written a story and got to the point where you'd planned your first pivotal moment, and pushing through it felt like hitting your head off a wall would be easier? That's where I'm at with book 2 in my Price of Fame Series. I had this one all worked out, or so I thought, until I started writing the thing. I know where I need to take these two, trouble is, when I plotted out the story I didn't really know Sander and Chloe. Yeah, Sander has a good few scenes in The Monster of Fame, so I know how he reacts to certain situations, but I didn't have more than that.

I wanted Sander to have a complex back-story, void of emotion from his parents and in turn, he was unable to open up to his ex-fiancé or anyone else. Needless to say she left him, for his best friend, and now he's in a situation where he needs Chloe to help him out and in exchange, will open the door to the job of her dreams.

Trouble is, I'm doing it again. Forcing my poor characters to fit the external plot and they are screaming at me to let them lead. I went back a chapter to the part which still felt natural, and now I'm listening. The words are flowing easier, and my head has stopped thumping.

I guess some stories are just gonna have to be pantsed, others I'll plot. I'm in a much better place now I've let Sander and Chloe have their way. Can actually think clearly and I've stopped battering my skull off of hard surfaces :o)



  1. Yep - know that feeling! Have bashed my head against walls on many occasions. Good luck getting through to the other side with it xxx

    1. After a re-write of the start this morning, its feeling better. God, I'm going to end up writing this story about four times! Hopefully it will be worth it in the end xxx