Sunday, 13 May 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Hi guys, hope your all having a fab weekend. I've been crazy busy so didn't have a chance to post last week.

This week's six is from a story I originally entered into New Voices last year. Its since been rewritten with some drastic changes. Jake and Caitlyn are filming a movie in Rio and, although they are attracted to each other, Caitlyn doesn't want to take things further. Their characters in the movie 'get it on' though, which makes it harder for Caitlyn to hide her desire for Jake. This is the lead up to their first on-screen kiss.
Caitlyn struggled to remember her next line. Her gaze was transfixed on his full lips. “What if we're too late?”

Jake's expression morphed into one so tender that it pierced her heart and made her long for him in a way she'd never longed for any man. Right then, she forgot that he was acting, forgot that the cast and crew were watching, she forgot where they were. It was just Jake and her, standing chest to chest in the harbour.
For those who don't know the rules, here's the deal. Each Sunday you post six sentences from your current book or wip, and link back to SixSunday's website.

Happy Sunday xxx