Saturday, 19 May 2012

Happy dancing...

I’ve just sold a second story to Beachwalk Press! I feel like I’m having the most incredible dream ever. Two books in two months after a year of revisions, re-writes and dreaded rejection letters.

The book I’ve just sold isn’t related to The Monster of Fame in any way. It was my New Voices entry from last year (tentatively) named The Isle of Sensuality. I didn’t get anywhere with New Voices, but I did get some awesome feedback. Same again when I subbed to Mills & Boon. So off I went and re-wrote the whole thing from scratch (for the second time). I really believed in Cait & Jake and wanted their story to be told.

Unfortunately, the story still wasn’t right for Mills & Boon, but it felt right for my characters. Now I’m chuffed to bits to say it’s found a home with Beachwalk. This is the second book which will be released with them and I’m thrilled to bits!

The new version of the story is set on an Island just off the coast of Rio. Jake and Caitlyn are there shooting a movie and decide on a short fling for the duration. Caitlyn falls for Jake hard, even though he is all wrong for her. Jake’s not unaffected either, but he can't give her more.

For those of you who read my New Voices entry, you will see that the premise has completely changed (and I like to think my writing has improved since then ).

Again, more details to follow. I’m thrilled to bits.

In other news, The Monster of Fame has a (tentative) release date of 15th October. Super exciting, and maybe a teensy bit terrifying.



  1. FANTASTIC NEWS. Very well done. :0)

  2. Yay!!!! Brilliant news Aimee xxx

  3. Happy dancing indeed well done Aimee big Congrats. x

  4. Jennifer Drogell19 May 2012 at 08:31

    Amazing news Aimee! You must be so excited! And I'm so glad you believed in your story even though it wasn't right for M&B. We have to believe in our work! And it sounds great. J xo

  5. Congratulations Aimee! You are ROCKING this publication thang! ;-) Any news on release dates??

  6. Whoops, I obviously skipped that last bit about October 15th! That's so soon, how exciting! x

    1. Lol, and I know. Getting scared now! x

  7. Yey Aimee - delighted you found a home for Cait and Jake. It pays to have faith in your characters. Delighted for you.


    1. Cheers Incy, I'm sure there will be revisions though :o)

  8. Aimee,

    Congratulations! I loved your new voices entry! Knew it would find a worthy home somewhere soon.
    Well done and will look forward to reading the whole novel! yay!