Monday, 14 May 2012

Christmas time – It's May!

Is it just me or is Christmas coming earlier every year?
I understand why publishing houses are advertising for seasonal anthologies at the moment, can even get why people are booking their holidays for the Christmas period. But isn't it a bit early to start planning Christmas nights out, buying presents and selling Christmas cards? A girl at my work decided on Friday that now was the time to book somewhere for December. My mouth dropped open in shock.
A little store near me, which usually opens in October and sells Christmas nick naks and gifts has already opened its doors. Who wants to buy a tree, cards, presents or decorations before the summer? Maybe I'm just a last minute kind of gal, but come on. It's MAY. Really?
What about you? Do you plan Christmas before the summer or worry about it nearer the time?


  1. I don't tend to leave it till the last minute but I think September is plenty earlier enough to start thinking about christmas. I've only just booked my summer holiday!

    1. I do all my x-mas shopping on Christmas Eve. It's a last minute mad rush and I hate it. Maybe I should start thinking about it in May...

  2. Oooh, which shop's that, Aimee? I feel a trip coming on :0)

    I do agree Christmas can arrive too early. We put our tree up in November last year (there was a reason and it was the end of November - but November nonetheless) and were thoroughly sick of it by the time Christmas actually arrived.


  3. I think about Christmas year round. It's my favorite holiday and I can never get enough. I love everything about it.