Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tuesday check in...

I had writing resolutions this year, and I've more or less stuck to 'em. Posting my writing goals publicly has helped me move forward. Oh, the revisions were a good ol' kick up the butt too :o)

There was another resolution I made. Lose weight. Yes, with my ass in front of a desk for eight hours a day - and lets face it, no one can write staying active - I promised myself to shift the pounds I've added. To fight the flab. To pretend I'm this years UK's biggest looser.

My motivation? My dad booked me a surprise holiday to Lanzarote for my birthday. Haven't  been abroad since my midrift started to spread. So, I've been hitting the gym when I can, climbing mountains, like this one...
Well, thats Ben Cleuch in the distance (haven't been up it for over a year), but I took the picture from the top of Dumyat (the second biggest hill in the Ochils next to Ben Cleuch). You can see more pics on my facebook.

Anyway, the point of this blog was, I've shed 15lbs since January, but its nowhere near enough. The size 12 girl in me is screaming to break free, so I decided to do something radical. I've joined Slim Fast. Yup. Really.

Honestly, from my research its not so faddy anymore. I need to lose and my exercise is good, just the food thats fecking it up. So I'm hoping with a controlled diet, I can get to where I want to be, quicker. Wish me luck!

P.S. Yes, I'm hoping naming and shaming myself will give me motivation :o)


  1. Love your blog, Aimee! Cool and clean.
    Hope you hear good news on those revisions.
    I've also lost 15 pounds since January, but I'm far, far away from a size 12. Don't remember ever being that size. lol Does that tell you how much I have to lose? My exercise habits are non-existent. Gotta get on that. I spend way too much time with my butt in this chair.

    1. Thanks Lorraine,
      I'm trying not to think about the actual amount to lose and concentrate on weekly targets.
      I spend a lot of time strapped to my desk too, but I've been trying to do something everyday even if its just a quick 30minute walk at my lunch break :o)

  2. Well done you on the weight loss and the hill walking. I'm especially impressed with the hill walking - I walked up the New Row today and it nearly killed me. :0(

    I've decided at my age to embrace my fat - I need it to puff out all the wrinkles. If I lost weight now I'd look a hundred and ten.


    1. Lol, New Row is a killer! So is the hill up to Suzan Brooks :o/

      Aw Suzanne, you wouldn't! I'm dreading to think how many wrinkles I have though xx