Thursday, 26 April 2012

Social Networks and the Author

I don't see myself as technology-challenged, but I'm not an expert either. With all the ways to connect with fellow writers and fans, one could spend all her free time keeping up to date with what's happening where.

Maisey Yates (the wise one) once suggested that you pick a social network site you love and stick to it. Me, not one for listening to wise advice, has joined them all!

As you all probably know, I've just signed a contract with Beachwalk Press (btw what do you think of my author bio?) for my contemporary romance, The Monster of Fame. (Still jumping up and down). The thing is, when I announced I'd sold, I had to log into four – yes four! - places to announce it. Very time consuming, especially when one is trying to write the next book in the series as well as work two jobs! I know 'have a life' comes in there somewhere, but I'm not sure where...

I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Blogger. I love them all for different reasons, but lately I've let Twitter slide, haven't worked out how to use Pinterest to its full potential, and only had time to 'like' status posts on Facebook. Not to mention the Harlequin forums; I've barely managed to figure out the new layout.

So, which form of social networking will benefit me most? The verdict's still out, folks.


Pros – Love, love, love the witty one liners. Plus, the fact you have limited space spurs your creative juices. Oh, and the #1k1h tag has encouraged me to write more than I ever have!

Cons - That said, its hard (for me anyway!) to find profiles, add pictures (if anyone knows how, I'd appreciate if ya'd let me know) or, if you follow loads of peeps, to keep up with everyone.


Pros - I'm comfortable with it. I like that most peeps I know are on it, I love being invited to book releases, I can work it for the most part!

Cons – Still, its hard to log onto from my work pc (Yes, I know. I should be WORKING!) – think the bosses have put a block on it :o).


Pros – I don't fully understand the potential of this site yet, but I bleedin love it! LOVE IT! People can be so creative, whether they are writers or not. I love scrolling through all the pics. Oh, and Avis Exley has created a board with pictures of her hero, heroine and other things related to the story. She's posted snippets underneath each picture, which, by the way, I think is genius! I can't see any cons to this yet, other than I'm still figuring out how to work the damn thing!


Pros – Well, as you can see from the make-over, I'm getting better at the whole Blogger thing. I like venting, I love ranting, and I'm a serial natterer so this suits me fine. Blogger is not something I'll ever give up. Sorry, but you're all stuck with me for a long, long time :o) No cons as yet. Can follow all the blogs I love, yak on about anything and everything – nope, don't see Blogger as having any cons.

The purpose of this post was to see which network I should give up. Honestly, I don't think I can drop any of them. Love them all in their own special way.

Which brings me to, what form of social networking do you prefer?


  1. I'm a Twitter girl myself - have a quick daily peak at facebook and every few weeks or so like to have a good ramble on my blog, but it's definately Twitter I'm addicted to.

    PS: I love your author bio!

    PPS: Nice snazzy new layout!

  2. Ta Michelle!

    I can't seem to find the will to sever any of them. Wonder if my bosses will allow me to work part time? Hmmm, maybe in my dreams :o)

    Thanks, bit embarassed about the bio. It's weird having to chat about why you love writing. I mean, isn't it obvious? lol


  3. Twitter, twitter, twitter. I heart twitter the mostest.

    FB is annoying and glitchy. I am a negligent blogger. Pinterest is fun, but too impersonal. Maybe I'm not doing it right.

    All that said, have you been on tumblr yet?

    1. No, whats tumblr? In fact, don't tell me. I'm going to end up spending all my sleep time on SN sites!

  4. Love the bio :0)

    Blogger is my first love. However, it's being very annoying and moody and doesn't always let me comment, so I've been spending more and more time on FB - which is where I first saw your good news.

    Twitter wouldn't be any good for me as I don't have an iphone. And I can't really get my head around what pinterest actually is (but I used to say that about FB, so you never know).


    1. I'm getting there with Pinterest. In fact, I'm getting addictive and I couldn't tell you why! Cheers for the follow, will return the favour when I figure out how :o) xx