Friday, 3 February 2012

Re-writing - seriously, it's not as scary as it sounds...

I've been busy the last month; the day job, the night job and the gym in keeping with my new years resolutions. And then it came, a rejection from an editor on my New Voices entry, filled with advice, and I absolutely agreed with everything she said. I took this rejection as exactly that, a rejection with feedback, but was encouraged from my friends on Eharl that it was in fact a revise and resubmit. It was terrifying.

So on I went, rewriting the story and changing it to what I hope reflected the editor's feedback and have sent the re-written three chapters off to my CP's, only realising now that if I do submit the partial, I have the rest of the story to write. What if by some miracle she requests the full? The advice on the boards was that I should sub anyway, but seriously, it's to an editor and that scares the bejesus out of me.

Still, I know my story is stronger, written better and feel like it does have a chance. Re-writing has made everything clearer and rather than detest the fact I'm writing it again, I'm actually enjoying improving it and making the story better. Still, I'm terrified to hit send.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how on earth do you manage to cope?



  1. It is terrifying, I completely agree. The only way to cope is to write something new (that's the only thing that works for me and even that isn't foolproof against the nerves). xxx

  2. Thats it off - I hit send while I was brave enough! Hoping the polishing of the rest will keep me occupied, then onto the next. xxx

  3. I don't actually fully understand what rewriting means, I hope. Does it mean chucking it and just taking what you know now and writing the same story with different words? Or is this like... reading that first draft where you don't let yourself edit, and then translating it into prettier words/structure/etc?

    My Medical full that's still in ... From version 1 to 2 and 3, I pretty much only kept the first 10 pages from the original submission, and then chucked 40K words from version 1, 13K from version 2, and then wrote about 55K in version 3 and edited it down to 50k. From that POV, if that's what everyone means when they say rewriting, it makes my brain hurt. I like revision, not rewriting(though I do understand the need for it, at least at first).

  4. For this one it means starting from scratch. Had to change the premise and what my hero does, dig deeper into the conflict and then write pretty much a new story with the same characters and a similar outcome. I can salvage some scenes from the first wip, but my writing has changed so I'm just writing them again.

    It feels better writing it again but it is hard work! Did you enter your medical to SYTYCW too? Version 3 I mean :o)