Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Ramble, A Review and a Competition...

Time seems to be flying by in almost a blur. I've been typing away like a mad woman trying to make progress with my revised manuscript (almost at 30k, yey!) as well as working far too many hours. Plus, I've just read The Good, The Bad and the Wild by Heidi Rice.

Since Heidi was lovely enough to mail this book to me, I thought I'd do a review of it. Now, I've never really reviewed a book before so please bear with me!

As with all of Heidi's books, The Good, The Bad and The Wild has a great combination of humour, sass and emotion. I literally could not put it down and would recommend it to absolutely everyone!

The blurb:

One of the good guys?
Nick Delisantro is famous - for his scripts, for his looks and above all for his ruthless bad-boy charm. Eva, on the other hand, has spent her life being an overlooked wallflower! Now she's got to meet with Mr Tall, Dark and Brooding or her only chance of a promotion is over...
Nick can't stop staring a the mysterious blushing girl who's dressed like a vixen but frozen under his gaze like a rabbit in headlights...He can't wait to see what's behind that innocent front! But Nick's about to get far more than he'd bargained for - not only does Eva have the key to his secret past, but there's nothing more dangerously addictive than a good girl going wild...

This book takes you from the US through London and straight to Italy where flirting, passion and arguments come in spadefuls! I don't want to give too much away, but I will say this, The Good, The Bad and The Wild not only made me laugh in every chapter, but it was also sexy and heartwarming. All in all, a feel good read.

Oh and in other news, one of my CP's, Amy aka The Literary Mom, is giving away a free critique and edit of your first chapter. All you have to do is follow her blog, and then send her an email. She's picking the winner next Friday. Amy is a brilliant critiquer and also has superb grammar skills. Good luck to all who enter.


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  1. I also enjoy Heidi's work and have experienced that 'laugh out loud' feeling when reading it. And 'yes!' moments when a character literally comes so alive for you that you feel you've met him/her somewhere before.

    Nice idea to do a review. When I'm lucky enough to get a book from a writer, I do that too. It's a way to say 'thanks' and spread the word as well.