Friday, 13 January 2012

Writing Resolutions

Okay, everyone has resolutions in the New Year, whether its to drop a dress size of cut back on the wine. Mines is to write and learn more, and hopefully get published. I feel I work better under pressure so, giving myself tasks and a deadline to write a publishable book should help me achieve my goals in 2012.

Here it goes:-
  1. Stop procrastinating! Facebook, Twitter and The Write Stuff are all very useful, but spending all of my precious writing hours on them has to stop. I'll still pop in to say hello, but that's it. NO PROCRASTINATING!
  2. Write for at least 1h30mins a day. It will get the best results and hopefully fire my word count up a notch. Seriously, 10 minutes here and there every day or so ain't going to finish your story.
  3. LEARN, LEARN, LEARN! There is so much about writing I've learned in the last few years, but so much I still don't know. Mission – buy some craft books.
  4. Those new, shiny ideas I was griping about earlier? Find a way to nip em in the backside and stop worrying, 'cause ultimately, I love what I'm working on (why else would I be writing it?) so stop wasting time and finish what I've started. THEN go and write the next, its what proper authors do, right?
  5. Make a writing plan and then stick to it. It's all very well saying write for 1.5 hours a day, but when? Seriously, there's work, then work, then family and friends and before I know it, all my free 16 hours awake time is gone! So, I tell myself, get up an hour or so earlier and write then. Do I really need to watch Peter Andre's documentary about his life at the mo when I see so much of it splashed all over Heat Magazine? No. Get your behind on that chair and write dammit. Celebrity BB will be there next year, so will documentaries and probably Peter Andre so why waste time?
Anyone else making resolutions this year? I'd love to hear what helps you all write.


  1. Great resolutions, Aimee! All the best with them :)

  2. Thanks Lacey,
    The plan was to shame myself toward my goals, but I have written zero words this weekend. I have read a craft book though. Learning is on their :o)

  3. I’ve given you a blog award! Thanks for inspiring me!