Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Blogger Award

Huge thanks to Amy Swetkovitch for the nomination! I'm a newbie and following instructions from her, great instructions btw, just hope I get it right:-

I’m going to point out the award requirements:

7×7 award:
Share something about yourself others don’t know.
Link seven posts from your blog that you think are worthy.
Nominate seven other blogs for the award that haven’t received it yet.
Versatile blogger award:
In order to pick up the awards, you must do the following:
Thank and link to the person who nominates you.
Share seven random facts about yourself.
Pass the award to fifteen more blogger friends.
Contact and congratulate the blogs nominated.
So I’m going to share and link to fifteen blogs. If I nominate you, pick one of the awards and pass it on!

Okay, so here is my seven random facts...

1. I LOVE romance and YA, my all time fave reads combine both.
2. Chocolate is a devil to my hips, but luscious on my lips.
3. My guilty pleasure is writing romance :o)
4. I have to wear dull colours all day to my work, so when not there, I experiment with an eclectic scheme of colours. Probably look like a mis-matched idiot, but still...
5. The most interesting place I've travelled is Mexico, and I'm dying to go back and explore it more. I especially love the history.
6. For some crazy reason, I've always longed for a pet python.
7. If I can't ever have a snake (the size of my flat makes it impossible), then I want a black widow spider. Why? Who knows, I find predators fascinating.

Great Blogs

If to die for cowboys and sassy heroins are your thing, then Lorraine Nelson's blog is where you can find it all. She's a successful author, with a whole series of books on the go that combine it all. Warning, steamy content and definitely not for the feint hearted. But gripping, emotional and comforting none-the-less.

Jeese, don't even know where to start with Lacy Devlin's blog. She a minx of romance and has all the info, latest online (or not) classes, supports writers in competitions and expert button maker. I love reading her blog and her interviews, hope one day to read her stories. She's a lovely person, and her blog is bursting with info. Follow, and you won't be disappointed.

Michelle Smart is so close to publication I can actually feel her book in my hands! She is an amazing romance author, who has just submitted her second set of revisions into her editor for Harlequin and is waiting on the final yay or nay. My bet is 'the call'! Follow her, she is posting some smashing advice!

If you are into something steamier, Lacey Wolfe's blog is the place to be. She's just released a series of Novella's that are hot, hot, hot!

Aimee Carson. Firstly, because her two books are awsome. Secondly, 'cause she spells her name the same way I do. Mostly, because her stories are unique though. Read them, and you will love them!

Amalie Berlin is lovely and quirky and her stories and ideas are amazing. Her new voices 2011 entry, EWife, was awesome. Follow her!

I don't know whether I'm supposed to mention it, but I just have to.  Amy Swetkovitch has an amazing blog, packed with info which will help with your writing and subbing process. She's my CP and has helped me learn so much. She's a gem.

Annabeth has an amazing blog with reviews, her writing journey and more. Follow her! You won't regret it!

Robin Covington has just sold to indulgence. PLUS, she's part of the romance university. Her blog has lots of info and, the Monday hotties, who brighten up the start of my week.

Heidi Rice goes without saying. She's my inspiration, the reason I fell in love with romance and I will never forget Rye King. You soooo have to read Surf, Sea and a Sexy stranger. ALL Heidi's books are addictive.

Rebecca/Every Day is The Same is doing an awesome challenge of reading (and reviewing) 365 Harlequin books in a year. FYI, follow her blog to get a jist of the best and the worst. Her reviews are honest and helpful.

Jakie Ashenden, winner of competitions and bursting with amazing advice!

Leah Ashton is the winner of New Voices 2011. Creator of the Sophie Project and of hot heros - namely Dan. Her first book, Speed Dating, made me laugh, almost cry and gave me goosebumbs. I've no doubt we will see more great stories from Leah in the future.

I don't even know where to start with Maisey Yates. She is just pure, dissolve you into an emotional puddle, amazing! Plus she's bursting with priceless advice for new writers!

Last, but by no means least, Madeline Ash. She is an amazing writer with so much potential! I read her first chapter in New Voices and wanted more. She is a talented author, yet to be published, and I hope to hold one of her books in my hands one day.


  1. Hey wow, thanks Aimee! I'm not sure I can relate to wanting pet predators, but I completely agree with all of your blog choices. Thanks for sharing, I love discovering new romance blogs :)

    Hips can't speak, so they can't protest when the lips say they NEED chocolate...and thank goodness for that!

    Madeline x

  2. Yeah, I'm a weirdo preditor fan. lol.

    I like that saying. I'll tell it to myself the next time I have a craving for chocolate :o)


  3. Hey, thanks for the shout, chiquita bonita. I'm not sure I can hang with the snakes and spiders as pets thing. I grew up in an ancient old crazy farm house that had snakes and spiders waltzing through the place as they please. Put that with a younger brother born on Halloween who enjoyed leaving plastic spiders/snakes about for me to find... and then me mistaking a *real* snake in the bathroom sink(hanging out with his butt draped over the toothbrush holder)... well I just don't like'm! You take the murderizing aminals, I'll take the chocolate! And the award! And the knowledge that people named Aimee/Amy like me :D (Other Amy also awarded!)

  4. I would have loved to live with snakes! (Yes, I'm told there is something wrong with me) but my mum woulda had us outta there in seconds. She's petrified of them. The first time I seen one was in Blackpool, guy brought a python into the pub and I ran over to it and he let me hold it! Me ma about had a heart attack lol
    I noticed Amy nominated you too, good choice ;o)