Saturday, 22 October 2011

The happy week

I've had an awful few weeks. First a burst pipe meant no water to my flat, then I crashed my car into an undercover police car! This week, thankfully, has been so much better.

First off, five of my eharl pals got through to the top 21 in New Voices! Mega excited for you guys and I've already voted and read you all. Unfortunately, I keep getting knocked out when I try to post but it worked on Ami's. I've no idea how to fix it so I can tell you my thoughts on the rest but hopefully you'll all make it to the top few, I'm hoping they change it to top five :o)

Today has been brill too. I've got a new car (the same make and year as my old one with a cd player which I didn't have before)!

Plus...Vampire diaries started this week in the UK (I'm easily pleased, I know) but seriously, to me, all this equates to a good week :o)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Keeping Track

I need to catch up reading entries and, rather than hunt them down over Eharl over the weekend I thought I'd put the list here. That way I can work through them at my leisure and anyone else that wants to have a look can find some brilliant entries easily :-) Some of them are my favourites so far.

And if you want to read mine, just click the New Voices button at the right. Just want to say thanks again to Lacey Devlin, the best button maker ever :o)

If I've missed anyone just leave me a comment and I'll edit them up.

Thought I'd add my fave song of the moment. Yum.